Roman Reigns is the current WWE Undisputed Universal Champion. He defeated Braun Strowman at Payback 2020 to win the Universal Championship. The Tribal Chief has not lost the title since then to the 23 times that he has defended the title.

The Tribal Chief added the WWE Championship to his championship collection when The Head of the Table defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38. Roman has been impressive in everything he has done over the last two years.

Reigns is still Universal Champion, by any means. During that process, he added his cousins to the situation and started The Bloodline. Sami Zayn is also now an unofficial member of the group. Today marks the second anniversary of Roman’s big win, but the celebration will air on FOX through the taped SmackDown show this week.

The Needle Mover now has only six people ahead of him on WWE’s all-time list of champions, namely, Pedro Morales (1027 days), Bruno Sammartino (1237) days, Hogan (1474) days, Bob Backlund (2135 days), and Sammartino again (2803 days). Obviously, Roman Reigns is in fantastic company already, but those legendary numbers will be quite a task to topple.


Reigns has defended his title against various superstars, including John Cena, Bryan Danielson, Edge, Cesaro, and Rey Mysterio. He even won in a triple threat match and has added to his legacy by being one of the top players in the business.

Will the WWE have him drop the title or titles at WWE’s Clash at the Castle, or will the championship journey continue to roll in Cardiff? Sound off in the comments.

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