WWE and AEW both air shows on Monday. Obviously, WWE’s RAW show is the longest running weekly episodic show in history, but AEW has Dark: Elevation. This week one wrestler pulled off quite a move, a Rick Rude if you will.

Last night, an independent wrestler became the second person to work for WWE and AEW in the same night. Katie Arquette appeared in a singles match on a taped AEW show. She also showed up on Raw in a 6-Woman tag match.

On Dark Elevation, Arquette wrestled Serena Deeb and lost. On Raw, she wrestled under the name Katie Arks. She partnered with Dani Mo and Kay Sparks. They also lost their match against Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair.

Previously, Cameron Stewart did this. Stewart showed up on AEW: Dark and on Raw in September 2021. Arquette became the second wrestler to do the same thing last night.


Arquette, who is not related to movie star David Arquette, has been wrestling since 2017. She made her debut losing to Dr. Britt Baker at IWC Proving Ground 6. Last night, she added three more big names to her resume’.

With both AEW and WWE seemingly growing by the day, this feat will surely happen again. More wrestlers will appear on both shows and probably on the same night. That possibility will more than likely happen sooner than later.

What’s your take on this impressive feat? Sound of in the comments!

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