WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk has dealt with memory loss, and he was staying in an assisted living facility. That being said, he was all smiles when the likes of Mick Foley visited him. It seems the Funkster is still doing his thing.

Funk recently stopped by at Six Car Pub & Brewery in Amarillo. The native doesn’t drink, and it’s unknown why he visited the location. It was still good to see him out and about.

The fan who posted a photo with Funk on Reddit wanted to slam a beer with the legend. Funk had to cut down on his expectations, as the Hall of Famer doesn’t drink. Funk was active, but unlike his days from Beyond The Mat, things have changed for the wrestling legend.

Terry has seen better days, health-wise, but it seems that his spirit is far from broken. As previously noted, there were reports last summer that the wrestling legend is living in an assisted living facility.


Funk might be dealing with dementia, but it seems like he had a great time at the bar. While there’s no confirmed report on what the wrestling legend is doing right now, we can say that he was perfectly happy to snap a selfie with this lucky fan.

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Amit Shukla

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