Update: Matt Menard DID delete his original tweet where he called Eddie Kingston a bitch. Then he took a little bit of time and decided to tweet it again with an additional sentence attached.

Original: Matt Menard is known for cutting his often hilarious promos. The 2point0 member worked his way up in AEW and even joined the Jericho Appreciation Society. However, he ended up incurring an injury at the hand of Santana during a match. He also decided to backtrack on a recent profane tweet about Eddie Kingston.

Daddy Magic seems to have a problem with Eddie Kingston. With the situation between Kingston and Sammy Guevara reaching the point of Kingston getting suspended, a lot of AEW stars have opinions about it.

Miro thinks that they should settle it in the ring. Daddy Magic on the other hand took to Twitter saying that he had been telling people about Eddie Kingston for a year. He took a shot at Kingston, calling him a “bitch.”


Been telling you for a year. Eddie Kingston is a bitch.

Menard then posted a second tweet, but this time he added a little tag line, “Been telling you for a year, Eddie Kingston is a bitch. Do you believe me now?”

Guevara and Kingston’s beef reportedly started after Guevara commented on Kingston’s looks. Since then, Guevara has also shared his side of the story.

Eddie Kingston is already facing a lot of negative attention on social media. Daddy Magic only added more fuel to the flames with his tweet. It remains to be seen when will this whole situation come to a resolution.

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What’s your take on this Menard’s social media activity? Should he just delete Twitter? Sound off in the comments!

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