Ronda Rousey came back as a babyface during the Royal Rumble and remained that for a long time, especially throughout her feud with Charlotte Flair. WWE recently fined and suspended Rousey for ambushing Liv Morgan and a referee. Her suspension might finally be lifted tonight.

WWE is pretaping an episode of SmackDown tonight, because they need to make room in their scheduled to travel to the UK for Clash at the Castle. That being said, keep an eye on Ringside News for spoilers.

Ronda Rousey failed to regain the SmackDown Women’s Champion from Liv Morgan at SummerSlam. The Baddest Woman on the Planet was livid about it and attacked Morgan and the referee after the match which led to her suspension. Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that Rousey’s suspension is supposed to be lifted on SmackDown’s second taping.

Ronda Rousey’s “suspension” is supposed to be lifted on the second show.


Ronda Rousey tried to hijack SmackDown in Montreal, Canada last week. The Baddest Woman on the Planet cut a promo asking WWE to lift her suspension. This eventually ended in Rousey getting arrested.

Rousey needs to stay composed if she wants to have a successful run in the company. Either way, she’s still doing just fine in garnering attention. We will have to wait and see what WWE planned for Ronda Rousey next.

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