2011 was a true breakout moment for CM Punk with his pipe bomb promo that put him on the path toward a five-star classic match against John Cena at Money in the Bank During all of that, there was a lot of drama backstage.

According to Freddie Prinze Jr on his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, Triple H once revealed the reason Punk could not stand Cena. He said that the Game was spot on with his assessment as well.

“I remember one time Hunter saying, ‘As different as they are, the reason he hates John so much is because he knows if he was in that same spot, he would act the exact same way.’ This is over a decade ago, and to hear the rumblings of AEW basically saying he’s acting the way John Cena did back then is just like, I mean, damn near everything I disagreed with Hunter on, he was right. He just knows, man.”

Punk has been a sensation among fans, and his promos have the tendency to go viral within seconds. According to Freddie, Punk did not have the same reputation within WWE.


“He (Punk) wasn’t loved at WWE. Not all of it was his fault, but I do remember this. Punk hated John Cena. Not hated him, but hated what he represented and that’s what the company was behind.”

Some things may never truly change, but maturity does come differently for various people, including Punk. The Best in the World lost his AEW World Championship title to Jon Moxley this past Wednesday on Dynamite. We’ll see what happens next.

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Andre Porter

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