It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • AEW Undisputed World Championship: CM Punk vs. Jon Moxley
  • AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Semi-Finals: Death Triangle vs. Will Ospreay & Aussie Open
  • Father vs. Son: Billy Gunn vs. Colten Gunn
  • Dax Harwood vs. Jay Lethal
  • Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. KiLynn King
  • Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia Mett Face To Face
  • We Hear From Ricky Starks

JR welcomes us to the show and we are kicking off with the Jericho Appreciation Society. Chris Jericho makes his entrance alone, he gets a mic, he says last week there was an issue with him and Garcia. He calls out Daniel Garcia.

“You’re a Wrestler” chants. Jericho says he is trying to be civil, shut up. They don’t understand, Garcia you slayed the dragon, emotions were running high, but we can work this out quickly, you just need to apologise. “No” chants. Garcia says Jericho knew how special that moment was for him, to share the ring with Danielson. The match last week was the match he always dreamt of. When Bryan offered his hand, he cared about that and Jericho ruined it.


Jericho says there will be plenty of moments like that, you are the best technical sports entertainer around. “You’re a Wrestler” chants. Say you are a sports entertainer. Bryan Danielson makes his entrance. Danielson says Jericho is trying to bully Garcia into saying he’s a sports entertainer. You can be whatever you want to be, I agree that you are a wrestler.

Jericho says Garcia is a sports entertainer, say it! Garcia says he will not make a decision right here right now, he cant do it, Jericho grabs him and Garcia pushes him down. Danielson laughs. Garcia leaves, Danielson says he isn’t the biggest fan of sports entertainment but that was pretty entertaining. Jericho says it pisses him off that people say Danielson is the best in the world when I haven’t seen it once. Jericho says he is the last survivor of the Hart Dungeon, he is Lionheart and I known more about wrestling than you ever will.

Danielson says if we asked Stu Hart who the better wrestlers is, what would he say. If we asked Owen Hart who was better, who would he say? If they wrestled right now, who would win? Jericho says you got it… at All Out. The last time he was in the ring with Danielson he took him out for 2 months. Watch your back Bryan… Jake Hager attacks Danielson from behind. Jericho and Hager leave Danielson down in the ring.

Commentary runs down tonight’s card. FTR make their entrance. Cash Wheeler leaves on the ramp and Dax enters the ring. Jay Lethal is out next, accompanied by Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh, they also leave on the ramp.

Dax Harwood vs. Jay Lethal

Lock up, Dax gets a headlock, shoulder tackle, hip toss, Lethal with an armdrag, chain wrestling, evenly matched. Lethal with an arm wringer, armdrag into a dropkick. Dax with a chop in the corner, Lethal with a chop, Dax with a chop, Lethal rakes the eyes. Both men trade chops, Dax with a back body drop. Dax throws Lethal into the corner, then hits more chops. Dax with shots int he corner, Lethal escapes and hits a Russian Leg Sweep from the top.

Picture in Picture.

Dax knocked Lethal off the top, Lethal with a front suplex off the top, Dax with a strike to the midsection. Dax with 3 Germans, Dax with jabs, Lethal jabs back, roll through, Dax blocks a Figure 4, Lethal Combination, cover, 2 count. Strikes back and forth, Lethal with a Dragonscrew, then a Tope Suicida, then gets the Figure 4. Dax gets to the ropes.

Dax goes for a Sharpshooter, Lethal blocks, Dax with a Small Package, 2 count. Dax with a Slingshot Ligerbomb, cover, 2 count. Dax blocks a Dragonscrew, cover, 2 count. Dax gets a Sharpshooter, Dutt distracts Dax, Dax runs into Dutt, Lethal gets a cover, 2 count. Dax with a crossbody, cover, 2 count.

Dax with chops, roll up, Lethal turns it around, roll up, grabs the trunks, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Jay Lethal!

Sonjay Dutt says at All Out it will be a Trios match, Lethal will team with the Motor City Machine Guns! Their music plays but they don’t come out. They awkwardly cut to commentary.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Thunder Rosa, Rosa is crying… Thunder Rosa steps out as Women’s Champion. At All Out there will be a new Interim Women’s World Champion, she wishes luck to Toni Storm but she will come back…

Colten Gunn makes his entrance with Austin. Stokely Hathaway is in the front row. The Acclaimed make their entrance with Billy Gunn, Caster raps.

Billy Gunn vs. Colten Gunn

Colten dodges Billy, lock up, Colten with an arm drag. Lock up, Billy with a shoulder tackle, Colten escapes the ring.

Picture in Picture.

Austin distracts Billy and Colten takes advantage with a right hand. Billy with clotheslines, then big right hands in the corner, stomps, Billy looks conflicted. Stokely attacks Caster with the boombox, Colten hits a low blow on Billy, then hits the Colt45, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Colten Gunn!

Stokely gives Gunn Club his business cards then they beat down Billy Gunn. Swerve in our Glory’s music hits and Gunn Club scatter as they charge the ring. Keith Lee helps Billy Gunn up as Acclaimed and Swerve in our Glory stand off in the ring.

Tony Schiavone is with Death Triangle and United Empire. Ospreay says he is glad Pac has his friends with him, but they will get more gold. Pac says they have been waiting far too long, tonight they will not kill them, they will murder them and AEW is Death Triangle territory and United Empire will find out the hard way.

Commercial Break.

Britt Baker makes her entrance, Hayter and Rebel accompany her to the ramp. KiLynn King is out next.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. KiLynn King

Baker with strikes, slingblade, strikes in the corner, King with a missile dropkick. King with a full nelson, Baker with a discus forearm. Baker with forearms in the corner, King with a kick in the corner, Baker with a flatliner in the corner. Baker pulls King’s shoulder into the ringpost.

Baker with a crucifix pin, 2 count. King with forearms, Baker retaliates, King with a roll through, superkick, German, King with a front slam, cover, 2 count. Baker pushes King into the corner, superkick, another superkick, the stomp. Baker puts her glove on, then gets the Lockjaw, King taps out.

WINNER: Britt Baker!

Baker gets a mic and says its a shame about Rosa, when she was champion she wrestled through injury. At All Out, Storm will be in the ring with her, Storm comes down, Hayter attacks her from behind. Hayter and Storm brawl, Shida’s music hits and she runs down with a kendo stick and Baker’s crew scatter.

Tony Schiavone is with Acclaimed and Swerve in our Glory. Swerve says they love the Acclaimed, Lee says they are ranked and they would be worthy opponents at All Out. Caster says they don’t need their praise, they are the best home grown tag team. Bowens says everybody loves the Acclaimed.

Up next is the World Championship match!

Jon Moxley makes his entrance. He walks out through the crowd. Cult of Personality hits and CM Punk makes his entrance. Justin Roberts does the official ring introductions.

AEW Undisputed World Championship: CM Punk vs. Jon Moxley

Both men stare at each other from their corners, lock up, Punk forced into the corner, forearms from Moxley. Punk with a slap, right hands, boos for Punk! Moxley with a headbutt, Punk with a roundhouse kick then Punk appears to have injured his foot! Moxley wirth a King Kong Lariat from behind.

Moxley with Hammer and Anvil elbows, he wrenches at the ankle, Moxley hits the Death Rider! Moxley hits another Death Rider, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” Undisputed AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley!

Doctors check on Punk as commentary ask if he came back too early. Moxley celebrates in the crowd. Doctors help Punk tot he back, Punk turns around and stares at Moxley celebrating before being escorted to the back.

Tony Schiavone is with Christian Cage. Christian says he extended an olive branch last week, he knows he said some bad things but it was all tough love. Jungle Boy will never be as smart as me, he has seen it all, done it all. At All Out, Jungle Boy will find out he is not average. He is special, an anomaly. At All Out, Jungle Boy will find out he is not in Christian’s league.

Ricky Starks makes his entrance. Starks gets a mic and says he hasn’t been in the best of moods because he is hurt and pissed off. He thought he was the exception, he trusted Hobbs, when he broke his neck last year, Hobbs checked on him. When Hobbs was standing around Jacksonville being Bakers security guards, Starks showed him how to get the spotlight.

When Hobbs decided to turn his back on a nightmare he should have known he would do it to him. He considered Hobbs a friend, now he is a snake and we cut the heads of snakes. Fight me at All Out.

Commercial Break.

Moxley is backstage, he says Best in the World, my ass. People always write him off, but they don’t matter. The answer is always Jon Moxley, there is only one Jon Moxley, he is professional wrestling, he is the guy in the industry. My time is right now. Right god damn now.

Video package form Kenny Omega’s return.

United Empire make their entrance.

Commercial Break.

Death Triangle makes their entrance.

AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Semi-Finals: Death Triangle vs. Will Ospreay & Aussie Open

Ospreay and Fenix start. Chain wrestling, both men flip out of hurricanrana, Ospreay blocks a Cutter. Pac with superkicks all round. All 6 men brawl. Fenix with a double cutter to Aussie Open. Back body drop to Ospreay. Triple suicide dive from Death Triangle. Fenix with chops to Ospreay, Lucha Bros with a combo splash, cover, 2 count.

Pac tags in, chops to Ospreay, Penta tags in, chops, Fenix tags in, axe handle, palm strike, dropkick, cover, 1 count.

Picture in Picture.

Davis trips Fenix, Ospreay with a Sky Twister to the floor! Ospreay with a dropkick in the corner, cover, 2 count. Aussie Open with combo strikes, senton, cover, 2 count. Davis with strikes, bodyslam, tag to Fletcher. Fletcher shouts at Fenix, bodyslam, tag to Davis, combo elbows, Fenix ducks and fights off both men.

Fenix with a double arm drag. Penta tags in, crossbody, slingblade, Crucifix Bomb, Fletcher with an elbow strikes, Aussie Open teamwork, cover, 2 count.

Picture in Picture.

Penta with a superkick in the corner, Pac takes out Aussie Open, Pac with a German to Ospreay. Pac then with a Deadlift German, cover, 2 count. Lucha Bros and Aussie Open brawl, superkicks back and forth, Ospreay and Pac with double poisonranas! Ospreay and Pac stare each other down. Strikes back and forth, Ospreay with combo kicks, Pac with a German, Ospreay right back up, Oscutter! Ospreay with a big chop, Pac with a Avalanche Brainbuster!

Picture in Picture.

Fenix with a top rope hurricanrana and Ospreay lands on his feet! Fenix with a cutter, Penta with a suicide dive to Davis, Fenix with a dive to Fletcher. Pac goes for the Black Arrow but Ospreay gets the knees up. Ospreay goes for Stormbreaker, Pac reverses into a huricanrana, cover, 2 count. Aussie Open with double superkicks. Penta with a Destroyer.

Pac with a tornado DDT, Fletches saves Ospreay from the Black Arrow, Pac readjusts, steps on the ring post and hits a Moonsault to the floor! Pac stares at Kip Sabian at ringside…. Pac takes off the box but its not Sabian. Sabian attacks Pac from behind.

Fletcher with clotheslines to Fenix, United Empire hit triple forearms, then hits a Super Oscutter, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: United Empire!

Kenny Omega’s music hits! Omega enters with the Young Bucks. They stare down United Empire from the ramp. Omega walks down the ramp but Don Callis holds him back. Dynamite ends with the two teams stare each other down.

Martin Dickinson

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