Kevin Owens has worked hard to establish himself as one of the highlights of WWE television since debuting in NXT back in 2014. He has won numerous titles over the years, including the Universal Championship back in 2016. Owens is presently being marketed as a babyface and WWE is giving him more protection.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed the chances of Owens being a full time babyface on Wrestling Observer Radio. He believes they were preparing something for Owens with Otis, and they might still hold the match the following week. That is sort of the logical development, after all.

Although they only did it for the Toronto market and Meltzer is not sure if Owens will be full-time babyface, it’s quite obvious that he will be protected much more than he has been. He was the one who served as a stepping stone, but now he appears to be further behind them.

I thought they were building up something for Owens with Otis, and they still may do that match next week. I mean, that is sort of the logical progression. But I don’t know if Owens is going to be a full time babyface, and they just did it for the Toronto market, but it’s pretty clear that he is going to be protected a whole lot more than he’s been protected.


Owens got that great contract, but his role is basically to be a guy who can have really good matches and put over the babyfaces. He was the stepping stone guy, and now he looks like they are more behind him. He was one of the big stars that he brought in with NXT and had that great push at the very beginning of his run on the main roster. Great, great push. And then he just kind of, you know, as you’re around for years, you just become one of the guys. But it looks like things are pretty good for him.

Owens was one of the key performers he recruited for NXT and received a tremendous push right away when he joined the main roster. Owens recently mentioned that he would enjoy being tag team champions with Sami Zayn. We’ll have to see if that will happen or not.

What do you think? Will Kevin Owens become a full time babyface? Leave your comments below!

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