Liv Morgan is SmackDown Women’s Champion, which puts a pretty big target on her back. It seems that Shotzi wants a piece of her.

After Shotzi called Liv Morgan out for faking her injury, the SmackDown Women’s Champion responded. Liv Morgan tweeted back at Shotzi to say, “Hahahahahaha Shotzi if u wanted to wrestle, all u had to do was ask silly. I think my arm may just be feeling good enough to kick ur gorgeous goblin. I’ll see u tomorrow.”

Shotzi responded to Liv Morgan in her own way as she said, “Even if you had 4 arms, and a tentacle, you’d still lose. Also! Saw these on Amazon and thought you desperately need them.”

Liv Morgan fired back at Shotzi. She included a book called, “The Insecure Girl’s Handbook” along with a helpful suggestion.


What a thoughtful queen. I actually did some shopping for you too… ya know, for the next time u deactivate your twitter.

This is when Shotzi fired back with another tweet that took a pretty low blow. “Is this what you read after you got ruby fired? Look at @YaOnlyLivvOnce trying to collect green haired tattooed girls to run over! Not me babe! I do the running over!”

Liv Morgan has not responded to Shotzi just yet. It’s safe to say that the two have plenty to scrap about once the time comes for them to throw down.

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H Jenkins

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