Freddie Prinze Jr. is no stranger to the world of WWE and working with Vince McMahon. He was employed as a writer for the company and has been a noted fan for many years. He recently noted a former NXT Champion could be getting a huge push in the future due to the abrupt retirement of the former Board of Directors of WWE.

That former champion just so happens to be Kevin Owens. The ‘Prizefighter’ has been on a tear the past two weeks. His feud with Ezekiel seemingly came to an end after Owens punished him with an apron powerbomb.

Prinze Jr., who hosts his own podcast, had a big prediction during the latest episode of “Wrestling With Freddie.”

“Kevin Owens is going to be the main face or heel, I don’t care, on ‘Monday Night Raw,’ whether anyone likes it or not,” Prinze Jr. said. “I saw video of him at a house show with Roman Reigns, and he’s holding Roman Reigns in a chinlock on the ground, talking trash to a fan. A fan is talking trash to him, so he goes in on the fan and starts talking about how much money he makes per week, compared to how much this man heckling him is making. And he does it in this way that’s just obnoxious enough that you know ‘Hey man, he’s doing the heel.’ He’s not this insecure prick who’s breaking character and getting upset with the fan.”


It remains to be seen how exactly Kevin Owens will fit into the main event scene. With the likes of Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross seemingly inserted as the two next challengers for Roman Reigns, we will have to see what his next steps will be.

Owens recently mentioned that he would enjoy being tag team champions with Sami Zayn. He also mentioned during a promo on this week’s Monday Night Raw that he was coming after any and all titles due to not having one for over five years.

What do you think? Will Kevin Owens finally get a huge push and be a main event player of WWE going forward? Leave your comments below!

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