It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite, presented by House Of The Dragon, will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Best 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match – The Dragon vs. The Dragon Slayer: Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia
  • AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Andrade El Idolo, Rush & Dragon Lee vs. The Young Bucks & ???
  • Toni Storm vs. KiLynn King
  • Varsity Blonds vs. Gunn Club
  • Special Guest Timekeeper: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Dynamite opens with the AEW World Champion, CM Punk! Huge “CM Punk” chants as Punk gets a mic and says he hasn’t been here in some time and he needs to get some important things out of the way. There is somebody from around these parts he wants to challenge to a rematch. Hangman Page… you want a rematch, you got it right here, right now!

“Cowboy Shit” chants. Page does not make an entrance… Punk says that’s “Cowards Shit” the apology must be as load as the disrespect. If anybody else has a problem with the champ they need to come on down because its time to do Champ Shit. “Moxley” chants…


Punk says Moxley has a lot of fans, but he is not number 1 in this ring, “I am the AEW Champion.” Moxley has always been number 2. Moxley is the 3rd best guy in his own group, and that is a reoccurring theme in his career!

Moxley has been Interim Champion, but he is willing to test himself against Moxley. Moxley’s best friend is the 3rd best Eddie and the second best Kingston he has ever shared a ring with. Punk says he has missed you guys, at All Out in Chicago, he is ready to test himself. Moxley isn’t the first John he has beaten in Chicago for a Championship…

Jon Moxley makes his entrance. CM Punk makes snow angels while Moxley walks through the crowd. Moxley gets in the ring, he gets a mic and says look out, CM Punk is dropping pipe bombs. Writing checks his boyd cant cash. Punk lives in a fantasy world. Most of the time is not even the best wrestler in catering. The mic doesn’t give power, those words don’t mean shit. That belt don’t mean shit and this belt doesn’t mean shit until he beats Punk.

Moxley is the heart and soul of this company, Punk says he will be the dollars and the cents. Moxley says the only reason Punk came to AEW because he ran out of money and we all now Punk ran out of fighting spirit a long time ago. Moxley gets in Punk face, Punk pushes him then it breaks down into a fight! Both men trade blows as security runs down to break them up. Security hold them back as they both try to get at each other. Moxley throws his belt down as security escort him to the back.

Tony Schiavone is with Powerhouse Hobbs, Hobbs says he doesn’t need friends, Starks proved he is ok with losing but I’m not. For 2 years Starks paraded around here like he means something. Hobbs says he doesn’t only breaks backs, he also breaks necks…

Justin Roberts introduces out special guest timekeeper, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat! The JAS music brings out Chris Jericho who joins commentary. Bryan Danielson makes his entrance, Danielson shakes Steamboat’s hand before entering the ring. Daniel Garcia is out next.

Best 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match – The Dragon vs. The Dragon Slayer: Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia

Danielson picks the ankle, Garcia escapes, Danielson with forearms, Garcia gets a headlock, Danielson with right hands, into a kneebar. Garcia gets his own kneebar. Both men kick each other in the hold, Danielson gets a heel hook and both men get to the ropes. Lock up, Garcia with a slap.

Picture in Picture.

Danielson with forearms, kicks in the corner, running dropkick. Danielson with a hurricanrana, Garcia rolls through with a cover, 2 count. Chops back and forth, Garcia with a butterfly suplex into an armlock. Danielson reverses into a back suplex, into a leglock, Garcia gets to the ropes. Danielson with a dive to the outside, Garcia moves and hits a back suplex on the outside.

Back in the ring, Garcia hits the Hammer and Anvil elbows, then tries for the Dragon Tamer, Danielson transitions into a Triangle sleeper, Garcia reverses into a Piledriver! Garcia locks in a Dragon Sleeper… the ref calls it!

Daniel Garcia wins the first fall!

Danielson tries to get to his feet, Garcia attacks with kicks in the corner. Garcia with chops, into a running dropkick.

Picture in Picture.

Garcia with stomps, Danielson has been busted open. Garcia goes for the Dragon Sleeper again, hits a suplex and continues the hold, Garcia with elbows, Danielson gets a quick rollup, 1, 2, 3!

Bryan Danielson wins the second fall!

Danielson with kicks in the corner, Hammer and Anvil elbows, then hits a German from the top rope. Danielson with a missile dropkick, he kips up, then hits a Tope Suicida to the outside. Danielson with kicks to the back, then throws Garcia into the ringpost. Danielson and Garcia force each other into the ringpost. Both men down on the outside, Danielson barely gets into the ring at 9.

Picture in Picture.

Garcia has locked in the Dragon Tamer, Danielson transitions into the LeBell Lock, Garcia rolls through into a cover, 2 count. Garcia with a running dropkick, Danielson shrugs it off, Garcia hits the Busaiku Knee, cover, 2 count. Both men trade elbows, Danielson gets the upperhand, locks the arms, Garcia rolls through and hits stomps, Danielson rolls through and hits headbutts, then stomps to the neck.

Danielson gets the Triangle Sleeper, Garcia tries to escape but can’t, Danielson with elbows then gets the LeBell Lock! Danielson captures the arm and hits Hammer and Anvil elbows, then gets the LeBell Lock again and Garcia taps out!

WINNER: Bryan Danielson!

Danielson give Garcia a round of applause and tells the crowd to do the same. Danielson offers a handshake… Jericho attacks Danielson from behind. Garcia pulls Jericho off Danielson! Jericho shouts at Garcia, Garcia slaps his hand away as Jericho leaves. “You’re A Wrestler” chants.

Tony Schiavone is with Swerve in our Glory and Privat Party. Private PArty says they are ranked number 5, Swerve says this is the closest they will get to the tag titles, they could learn a thing or two from Swerve in our Glory. Private Party say they will take those titles on Friday.

Commercial Break.

Tony Nese makes his entrance, accompanied by Mark Sterling. Jon Moxley runs out and attacks them both! Moxley gets in the ring and calls out CM Punk! He is sick of waiting, lets unify the belt right now!

CM Punk runs down as producers try to hold him back, Moxley tries to attack but he is held back by Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta. Moxley leaves through the crowd.

Tony Schiavone is the with JAS. Jericho says he will give Garcia a pass, but he needs to know for sure. Next week he will talk with Garcia in the ring and ask whose side he is on. Steamboat walks in and says Garcia is coming into his own. If anybody should mentor Garcia, Danielson is the better choice. Jericho says stay out of his business. Parker gets in Steamboats face and Steamboat decks him.

Varsity Blonds make their entrance. Gunn Club are out next, accompanied by Billy Gunn.

Varsity Blonds vs. Gunn Club

“Ass Boys” chants, Austin Gunn takes out both Pillman and Garrison, he hits the Colt45, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Gunn Club!

Billy Gunn gets a mic and says that is what he has been trying to teach them, he is super proud of them. He has done a lot of great thing sin his career but working with them is what he is most proud of, they all hug. Stokely Hathaway walks out, Billy Gunn stares him down then Austin and Colten attack him from behind! The Acclaimed runs down to save Billy and Gunn Club run away through the crowd. Bowens says “Scissor me, daddy!” then Billy scissors with the Acclaimed…

Recap of the Wardlow feud with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh.

Commercial Break.

Death Triangle are backstage. Pac calls out Will Ospreay, they have unfinished business, and he is looking forward to next week. Death Triangle is an unstoppable unit.

Jungle Boy makes his entrance. He gets a mic and says a few weeks ago he wore a shirt that got him in a lot of trouble. That shirt hit the nail on the head, for weeks he has tried to hit Christian at every chance he got. Cage has done nothing, either he can chase Christian at every opportunity or he can man up and face him at All Out. Unless the shirt was right and Cage is too much of a pussy!

Christian Cage makes his entrance. Cage says the answer is no. Things are getting out of hand, he is proud of Jungle Boy, a year ago Jungle Boy couldn’t forma sentence on the mic and now look at him. Frustration boiled over when they lost the tag titles and they both said things they don’t mean, he doesn’t want to fight, he wants to take Jungle Boy to the promise land. “Bullshit” chants… Cage says they are family and “I love you.” Come back home…

Cage offers a hug, Jungle Boy takes him down and rains down punches. Cage tries to escape but Jungle Boy gets in more shots. Cage hits a low blow and throws Jungle Boy into the barricade. Jungle Boy throws Cage into the steel steps, then stomps on Cage’s arm on the steel steps. Security runs down to break up the beating.

Commercial Break.

FTR is with Wardlow backstage, calling out Lethal, Dutt and Singh. Cash says nobody messes with The Pinnacle. Wardlow says it doesn’t matter how big you are, everybody gets Powerbombed. Next week, Dax vs Jay Lethal.

KiLynn King makes her entrance. Toni Storm is out next.

Toni Storm vs. KiLynn King

Both women trade holds, Storm gets a headlock, King with a headlock takedown, King avoids a dropkick, Storm avoid s a dropkick, Storm finally hits a dropkick. King with a springboard knee. Storm avoids a dropkick, King blocks a Tornado DDT then forces Storm into the ringpost then the barricade.

Picture in Picture.

Storm with forearms, Butterfly suplex, cover, 2 count. King with a roundhouse kick, superkick, Spinebuster, cover, 2 count. Storm with a German, Hip Attack, then a Tornado DDT, a Pendulum DDT, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Toni Storm!

Recap of Hook winning the FTW Championship and his match with Clayton.

Andrade El Idolo makes his entrance along with Rush and Dragon Lee. The Young Bucks make their entrance, accompanied by Brandon Cutler. Cutler gives Justin Roberts a piece of paper. Their partner is… Kenny Omega! Omega makes his entrance with Don Callis and Nakazawa. Callis joins commentary.

AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Andrade El Idolo, Rush & Dragon Lee vs. The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

Nick Jackson starts with Lee, Lee offers a handshake, Nick shakes, lock up, Lee with right hands, shoulder tackle, Nick with an armdrag. Matt tags in, dropkick/bulldog from the Bucks. Nick with a huricanrana, they take out Rush and Andrade.

Omega tags in… axe handle, chops, strikes in the corner, forward senton, tag to Matt, Omega with a leg lariat, neckbreaker. Matt with strikes in the corner, tag to Omega. Omega with strikes in the corner, Lee fights back, tag to Andrade. Andrade faces off with Omega. Jose distracts the ref then Rush attacks Omega from being.

Picture in Picture.

Nick tags in, double arm drag, Matt tags in, locomotion Northern Lights Suplex. The Bucks and Omega with a triple suplex. Nick with a huge dive to the outside. Lee with a boot, Omega with a back breaker, Rush with an elbow from the top, cover, 2 count.

Rush with a belly to belly in the corner, Andrade with knees in the corner, Lee cover, 2 count. Rush with clothesline in the corner, triple dropkick to Matt.

Picture in Picture.

Rush with a kick in the corner, the mocks the Bucks. Nick attacks him from behind, Matt takes out Lee. Omega tags in, axe handles all round, Andrade with a kick to the gut, Omega with a high kick, Dragon suplex to Andrade, then the same to Rush, then to Lee. The Elite with triple kicks, triple superkicks, cover, 2 count.

The Bucks with dives to the outside, Omega with the Terminator chant, then goes for a Tope but Lee sweeps the leg. Omega throws him out the ring, then goes for another Tope but his legs give out. Jose trips him, they hold him against the barricade, the Lee hits a Tope over the barricade!

Lee covers Omega, 2 count. Andrade fights off Nick, Lee with a hurricanrana off the apron, Andrade with a moonsault to Omega, cover, 2 count. Andrade with the Hammerlock DDT, cover, Matt breaks the count. Omega hits the V Trigger to Lee, then hits another V Trigger. Omega hits the One Winged Angel, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega!

The Bucks and Omega celebrate on the ramp, Andrade and Rush attack Lee as Dynamite goes off the air!

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