Tony Khan has shocked fans a time or two over the past few years, but announcing that he is “buying” Ring of Honor was definitely up there. It turns out that he should have the company under his ownership by now, but he dropped the ball with paperwork.

We previously covered that Tony Khan and Sinclair Broadcasting seem to have an interesting arrangement in terms of ROH’s ownership. They are both listed on documentation as having an ownership stake, Khan’s ROH Acquisition LLC and Sinclair appear on the ownership filing.

Buck Starsky revealed on Twitter that Joe Koff is not happy about this situation. Tony Khan should have arranged a transfer of ownership in May, but that didn’t happen. Something happened with the paperwork on Khan’s end, but he certainly ran a pay-per-view in the meantime.

In a phone call with Joe Koff, former COO of ROH, he was pretty upset. Everything should have been transferred in May. The sale was not in March as reported. Tony running a show in April? DMCA still pointing to Sinclair? ROH being denied a TV deal?


Starksy continued to explain that, “When I talked with Joe, he said that ROH was sold in May. Tony ran Super Card in April as ROH Acquisition. Tony didn’t file for a business alias until June. Public records still tie Sinclair to ROH. This puts liability on them for assets.” In a lot of ways, Tony Khan running ROH Supercard of Honor XV was seen as “a mistake.”

We’ll have to see if Tony Khan is able to straighten out his paperwork situation. It seems that he jumped headfirst into buying ROH without covering all of his bases.

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