Kevin Dunn has been in charge of the television production aspect of the WWE for decades. It’s often said that he’s more a fan of the “entertainment” aspect of sports entertainment than the “sports” aspect and that he, despite his significant time with WWE, has very little knowledge or appreciation for what actually goes on in the ring.

According to Sean Sapp behind Fightful’s paywall, Dunn, a “Vince McMahon Guy”, is expected to stay around in the company for the foreseeable future. That probably has negative feelings among fans knowing the scenes drama with WWE and the wrestles too.

While talent expected Kevin Dunn to be let go with the McMahon-Laurinaitis regime change, Triple H has said that Dunn figured into a big part of WWE’s future. About a half dozen WWE talent we’ve spoken to pointed out the production style as something they’re hoping would change in the near future. Specifically, one top talent and one former talent said that the reasoning they’re given for some of WWE’s production aspects undermine their in-ring work. We’ve also been told that WWE doesn’t believe they have anyone currently that could replace Dunn, as the likeliest candidate was let go during a prior round of layoffs, and a return isn’t likely based on how the exit went down.

We’ve been told as of now, Dunn is expected to remain with the company.


It makes sense to keep Dunn around for now. Despite negative feelings everyone has about Dunn, he is great with the television production side of WWE television shows, and it shows for the past few decades. Maybe in time, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan will groom a replacement for Dunn’s job.

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Andre Porter

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