Konosuke Takeshita has won over AEW fans in recent months. He recently dazzled the crowd at Battle of the Belts with his performance against Claudio Castagnoli. WWE is now eyeing to sign the AEW superstar.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that WWE is actively looking to recruit major Japanese stars when he was asked how long Takeshita will remain with AEW. It seems that Triple H could have his eye on Tony Khan’s latest project.

Meltzer said Takeshita perfectly fits what WWE is looking for. He might be on the company’s radar, even though it was not indicated that WWE is actively trying to sign him.

A year or so. Enough time to make him something. He’s living here, but even if he goes back, they can bring him in any time they want. It’s not like he’ll be here for a year and then they can never use him again. So the fact that they don’t have him under a five-year deal or anything like that, shouldn’t be incumbent on (how they use him). I don’t know what his deal is with DDT. WWE, if he doesn’t have a full-time deal somewhere… WWE is looking for a big Japanese guy as we speak, and this guy’s got some size, and he’s young, and he’s got a good body, and he’s a fantastic wrestler. So somebody there may stumble upon him and be interested, because he’s exactly what they’re looking for.


The Japanese professional wrestler has competed for DDT Pro-Wrestling since his debut in August 2012. Takeshita was selected 2013 Rookie of the Year by Tokyo Sports. He is also the youngest KO-D Openweight Champion in history.

Takeshita has a 7-7-0 win-loss record in AEW, with his lone television victory coming against Ryan Nemeth on last Friday’s Rampage. Many of his supporters have expressed a desire to see him score some significant victories outside of Dark and Elevation. Stay tuned to Ringside News for latest updates.

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