Lana was released from WWE, but she doesn’t want that to be the end of her pro wrestling journey. Although she hasn’t arrived in any other pro wrestling company since her release from Vince McMahon’s former company, that doesn’t mean her eyes aren’t on returning to ringside.

CJ Perry, known as “The Ravishing Russian” Lana in WWE, is staying busy while contemplating her return to the pro wrestling world. She spoke with WrestleZone about her new partnership with BrandArmy and how it allows her to stay connected with the fans without being on television on a weekly basis.

“It’s been an amazing experience, I am so, so grateful because it’s just a way to connect to the people, the fans, in such an intimate way. On Instagram and Twitter, only so many people are going to see your posts with the algorithms, and AI and whatnot, so it’s great to be able to post something and everyone gets to see it. You get feedback from people and I read all the DMs,” she noted, “I talk to people on there, I read all the comments, it’s a big range of stuff that I post.

Perry has a renewed focus on coming back to pro wrestling as a manager. She is taking inspiration from Paul Heyman, hoping to take the title of ‘greatest of all-time’ away from him.


“I want to come for Paul Heyman’s throne. I know I can,” Perry stated. “WWE gave me these great opportunities, but they put me in this certain situation where Hunter gave me this incredible first opportunity with Miro where I was just the mouthpiece. And I know I can crush it, I know I can help people get over. God has given me the gift to talk, to sell.

“I don’t want to come back to wrestling and be mediocre. I love wrestling and I want to be champion, but am I going to be putting my time and energy, every precious minute that we have into something that I am going to be average? Or am I going to do something where I’m becoming great? And that’s my biggest take of the last year of being away, like yes, I want to come back to wrestling, yes I want to do something absolutely,” Perry said. “I love wrestling, I love the fans, there’s nothing like it in the entire world — but I don’t want to come back and be mediocre. I want to make an impact and tell compelling stories and really come for Paul Heyman’s throne and solidify being the best manager of all time.”

We’ll see if CJ Perry reaches her dream of being one of the greatest managers in pro wrestling. She was kind of underrated as a manager to her husband during her WWE days. Only time will tell where she ends up next, so she can continue that journey.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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