Triple H is a legend in the world of professional wrestling for many fans and pro wrestlers alike. The Game’s influence can never be understated, as he has done a lot for the business. There is also an interesting belief about Triple H.

The Cerebral Assassin has been named the top person in charge of WWE Creative after Vince McMahon finally retired. WWE fans have always wanted to see Triple H in control of creative for a very long time, so this decision was clearly a great one for them.

It is also a known fact that Triple H was never a big fan of CM Punk in general, which was also seen during their feud back in 2011. While speaking on the “Wrestling With Freddie” podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. stated that he believes Triple H will be petty enough to use his new position against CM Punk.

“He created the Straight Edge Society: no drugs, no alcohol, technically no women if you’re super straight edge. Hunter’s looking him dead in the face, just gassed to the gills, and you know, drinks wine with Vince on the plane, and he just no-sells Punk’s whole promo and goes, ‘I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink,’ and he just looks him dead in the face like, ‘Go ahead and try to call me a liar. I’ll fire you so quick,’ and Punk couldn’t do anything!


So that’s why when Punk had that promo on live ‘Raw’ instead of taped ‘SmackDown’ where [Hunter] had no control — like, Hunter would blow live promos on a ‘SmackDown’ and to the live house audience and would go, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll edit it,’ and he would just keep going cause he was so gangster with it. But on ‘Raw,’ Punk got a chance to kind of do his own thing, and he let his feelings known.

This could be a huge chance for Hunter to stick it to him,” Prince said to Dye. “I promise you, dude, Triple H is ‘petty Betty.’”

Eric Bischoff also doubts Triple H will mastermind WWE’s new creative strategy now that Vince McMahon has retired. We will have to wait and see how WWE will change in the coming months.

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