Triple H being in full control of WWE creative and talent relations will see a lot of changes, and people are optimistic. Plenty more positives are in full swing, and talent is happy about this. This move might make WWE look even better for would-be future Superstars.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that former wrestlers who left WWE for a variety of reasons under the Vince McMahon regime are excited about Triple H gaining more control within the company. Stephanie McMahon’s influence is also said to be appealing. There is a lot of thoughtful insight into the situation right now as the pro wrestling landscaped changes in a huge way.

“One former NXT talent that had options within WWE before signing elsewhere said that they felt an incredible sense of loyalty to Triple H, and had he been the person managing their creative future “things could have been much different.” That talent, and another talent that ended up in AEW said that they had no confidence in being creatively satisfied on the WWE main roster. One said “I’m glad that I went to AEW, but if I was graduating to a Triple H-led Smackdown or Raw, I probably would have re-signed with WWE before my deal was up.”

“Another top free agent that has several options that we spoke to said that both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon being in their positions greatly increases the possibility of them eventually heading back to the company. We’ve heard from other free agents that were hopeful their previous relationships with Triple H led to them at least having conversations, but didn’t expect that to happen imminently.”


We will see how the company will look with talent in the future. WWE was looking at choosing college athletes to build as their future superstars. But it wouldn’t hurt to have experienced former stars back on the roster to help with the new product under the leadership of Triple H and Stephanie.

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