Former WWE Superstar Kaitlyn made name for herself in the company during the third season of NXT during the early 2010s. She would eventually leave WWE in 2014 and retire from professional wrestling. It seems she sent an inspirational message once again.

The former Diva’s Champion returned to professional wrestling back in 2017. She would go on to win the SlamForce Africa Women’s Championship after defeating Katie Forbes and Black Widow.

Kaitlyn took to Instagram and uploaded a photo video of herself wearing a black bikini, as she sent an inspirational message to fans to be themselves.

Be with the process.
Be with the change.
Be with the ebb & flow.


Your only discipline should be to your highest vision.

How do you create your highest vision?

Through authentic alignment of YOU.

So let go of the concepts of what you you have to do and become to achieve the life you dream of and fall into the here and now.

How do you achieve your highest purpose in every moment?

By consciously BEING with every moment.
IN every moment.

When you practice presence, you are practicing being the person you want to be.

So… what is it that makes you feel alive?

Do that.
Go play.
Go fuck around and laugh your ass off.

You’re teaching your body to be in the moment.

Can you feel that?

To have resiliency in difficult moments or moments of expansion and growth.

When you’re overwhelmed, let go and practice being who you want to be.

These define the essence of the life you are creating.

What does that look like for you?

More importantly…

What does that FEEL like?

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Kaitlyn was training for return to the ring prior to the pandemic as well. She last competed at the Mae Young Classic tournament, but was defeated by Mia Yim in the second round. She is currently busy as a fitness coach, but it remains to be seen whether she will make her way to WWE someday or not.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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