WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan had a legendary career. He first rose to fame as the manager for many talents such as King Kong Bundy, Haku, and Andre The Giant in WWF. He then started doing color commentary in the 80s, after which he transitioned to WCW as a color commentator in 1994. He passed away, but his wife Cindy continued for a few more years.

Bobby Heenan had his wife Cindy Heenan throughout his career. Cindy Heenan has unfortunately passed away. Bobby Heenan’s former WCW colleague Mike Tenay took to Twitter in order to announce the passing of Cindy Heenan.

Sorry to report the passing of Cindy Heenan, an incredible wife, mother and grandmother. Her devotion and support for Bobby was unparalleled. Survived by daughter Jess, son in law John and grandkids Austin and Hannah. Our times with them were the happiest and most memorable.

Cindy Heenan passed away at the age of 74. She is survived by her daughter Jess, son-in-law John, and her grandchildren, Austin & Hannah. Bobby and Cindy Heenan remained together throughout the years. She supported her husband through his lengthy but tough battle with throat cancer.


Bobby Heenan was diagnosed with the condition in 2002. During the 15-year period, Heenan underwent jaw reconstruction, lost the ability to speak, and got placed in an induced coma after surgery went wrong. A few falls throughout the 2010s also complicated his condition, which caused further complications. May Cindy rest in peace.

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