AEW has certainly come a long way since its inception back in 2019. They have improved themselves in many key areas, but there is also a lot they still have yet to fix. Tony Khan also has an interesting mentality when it comes to booking AEW.

AEW President Tony Khan is very passionate about pro wrestling, and no one can doubt that now. He also says things from time to time that end up not being received well by fans.

Khan has been booking AEW for over three years now and has shown mixed results so far. While speaking to “Busted Open Radio,” Tony Khan reflected on booking AEW so far. Khan stated that he has a ‘YOLO’ mentality when it comes to booking AEW.

“We’ve done 145 episodes or so of Dynamite, and I believe this will be 50 episodes of Rampage. Fyter Fest on Friday for Rampage should be our 50th episode. In doing almost 200 episodes of those TV shows and all the other PPVs, [I’ve learned] countless, countless lessons. And I think the biggest one — and I’m sure there may be other things I might be forgetting as there are countless things we’ve learned along the way, but I think the biggest one is that you’ll only get to do these things once. In doing these TV shows, you only get one shot of doing these, you only go around once. YOLO, as they say. I always see people saying, ‘With AEW, you get to see dream matches on TV’, and I try to make that the case. I try to put together dream matches and not miss the opportunities when they’re there.


But at the same time, [I] give people, across the week of wrestling, the chance to watch great pro wrestling on television. And I think, for so long, TBS and TNT were out of the wrestling business. It’s something people really missed, watching wrestling on TBS and TNT. It’s great to be able to bring them that every week. I think they give us a great opportunity not just here on Wednesdays, but also on Friday to connect with the fans. It’s just right that there’s wrestling on TBS and TNT … I’m just very cognizant of that, and I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is what we need to do is be special every week.

Tony Khan is still relatively new as a booker, and it is likely he will improve with time. Till then fans have simply adjusted to how AEW has been booked so far and that’s what matters.

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