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Toxic Attraction has been the leading faction on NXT TV for the better part of a year, but last week their control of the brand took a dent when Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade took the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship from Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne. Tonight, Perez looks to topple the entire dynasty by defeating Mandy Rose and becoming the NXT Women’s Champion in the main event. Can she do it? Or will Rose continue her march towards one year as Champion?

As for the rest of NXT 2.0, we’ll see the fallout from last week’s Great American Bash-themed episode. Will Cameron Grimes seek a rematch with Bron Breakker, or will the Champion get a new number one contender? Carmelo Hayes is also in need of a challenger, although Grayson Waller might have a claim to a rematch. As for in-ring action, Giovanni Vinci will face Apollo Crews, and Solo Sikoa takes-on Von Wagner.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

This week’s NXT opens with some highlights from The Great American Bash show last week, where Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez became NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Carmelo Hayes overcame Grayson WAller to hold onto his North American Championship, Tiffany Stratton bested Wendy Choo, and Bron Breakker retained the NXT Championship over Cameron Grimes.

The camera rushes outside the arena where Roxanne Perez is down on the ground and Cora Jade is calling for help. Officials rush over to help and Jade is in a lot of pain.

Apollo Crews Vs. Giovanni Vinci

The bell rings and they lock-up and struggle for control. Vinci takes Crews down with a rolling ankle pick, then goes to a front facelock. Crews takes a side headlock but Vinci quickly turns him over. Crews shoves Vinci off and Giovanni attempts a shoulder tackle but Crews doesn’t budge. Vinci chops the chest, then hits the ropes, ducks some clotheslines, and lands a shoulder barge that does knock him off his feet!

Crews eats some chops but then does some quick ducking and leap-frogging before connecting with a dropkick. Crews gets whipped into the corner but kicks Vinci away and follows-up with a blockbuster for a two-count. Vinci throws Apollo out of the ring, then goes out and beats him against the barricade.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Apollo is in a front facelock but he throws Vinci up in the air. They trade punches and chops, then Vinci attempts a springboard crossbody but Apollo catches him with a dropkick in mid-air. They both slowly get up and and Crews avoids a splash in the corner, then connects with an enziguiri.

Crews splashes Vinci, then avoids him and hits a trifecta of German suplexes for a near-fall. Vinci blocks a kick from Apollo and takes him down with a clothesline. The referee checks on Apollo and makes Vinci back-off, then Giovanni lifts him anyway. Crews kicks him away and goes to the middle rope and jumps for a cannonball but Vinci catches him by the head and turns it into a suplex!

Crews kicks out, then starts to fight back and hits Vinci with a release powerbomb. Both men fall and Crews tries to make a pin but Vinci rolls from the ring. A fan takes a picture of Vinci as he’s struggling, so Giovanni rips the phone away from him. Crews gets Vinci back in the ring but then Xyon Quinn comes out of the crowd and clocks Apollo with a forearm. Vinci hits Apollo with his sit-out powerbomb for the win!

Winner: Gioanni Vinci

Cora Jade is itnerviewed backstage. She sasys she doesn’t have an update on Roxanne Perez. She knew something like this would happen. It has Toxic Attraction written all over it, they’re scared that their reign of terror is coming to an end. She says she hopes Perez can pull through and compete tonight, because otherwise there will be Hell to pay.

*Commercial Break

Earlier today Tiffany Stratton was getting her nails done in a salon. She says she needed this manicure after that disgusting match with Wendy Choo at The Great American Bash. But, as always, she overcame that overgrown child. Now it’s time to leave candy-land behind and watch who wins the NXT Women’s Championship match.

Cameron Grimes makes his way to the ring looking depressed. Grimes says he wishes he had an excuse he could give the fans but he can’t. He came in the best shape of his life, he had the opportunities, he even hit the Cave-In, but the three-count never came. He learned you can do everything the right way and it still won’t be good enough. But that’s life. Last month he lost the North American Championship, then focused all of his attention on Bron Breakker and failed at that too. It seems he’s destined to be a loser. He thought he was going to the moon but he crashed into the sun.

J.D McDonagh comes out. He says he hates to kick a guy when he’s down. McDonagh says he saw the match last week and Grimes has nothing to be ashamed of, but how about they wrap-up this little pity party and he go mope in the back. He hates to break it to him but about sixty seconds after Grimes lost, he was old news. He fooled everyone when he came out last week, and everything changed when the Irish Ace walked through the door.

Grimes says we all know who he is but he’s not an Irish ass, he’s an Irish a$$hole. The fans start chanting the slur at McDonagh, then he headbutts Grimes! Cameron stumbles into the ropes and comes back with a right hand. Grimes swings for him again but McDonagh bails from the ring and they stare each other down.

Diamond Mine is backstage watching their match last week. Damon Kemp thanks The Creed Brothers for going through the footage with him and pointing out where he went wrong. Kemp says he’d love to run it back some day and the Creed’s agree. They leave and Roderick Strong walks in. He says he can’t believe what he just heard. He says Kemp is the reason they lost last week and he needs to be taught a lesson. Next week they’re going one-on-one.

*Commercial Break*

Grayson Waller is interviewed backstage. He says if last week’s match was based on points he was beating Carmelo Hayes until Wes Lee got involved. He ruined his moment. Waller knows Lee’s life sucks but it’s going to get worse.

Tatum Paxley Vs. Kayden Carter W/Katana Chance

They lock-up and Paxley takes Carter down via the arm. Carter fights up and drops Paxley, then connects with a springboard dropkick for a two-count. Carter stomps Paxley’s head, then hits a basement dropkick that knocks her out of the ring. Ivy Nile walks out to check on Paxley and give her some advice. Paxley gets back in and clubs Kayden with right hands.

Paxley avoids a splash in the corner and lands a dropkick. Paxley ducks Carter and hits a dropkick. Paxley hits a standing spinning moonsault. Paxley lands some punches in the corner. She swings a kick but Kayden catches it and flips her over but she lands on her feet. Carter connects with a nice rolling, inverted Figure Four. Paxley reaches the ropes, thenr rolls-up Carter for the win!

Winner: Tatum Paxley

The Schism, Joe Gacy and The Dyad, are backstage in a smoky abyss. Gacy says they’ve reached a breakthrough. His men are willing to unveil their true selves next week. And then everyone will see that they too can join the cause.

Sanga is backstage watching a replay of him hitting a cannonball splash into the pool and drenching Duke Hudson. He laughs with two girls, then Hudson walks-up and throws the laptop. He says he spent all week getting the water out of his ears and he wants a piece of Sanga. The big man is more than happy to oblige.

*Commercial Break*

Brooks, Jensen, and Fallon are in a bar drinking. Pretty Deadly walk-in doing their best impression of Amerian cowboys. Brooks and Jensen say they’re in the wrong place and Pretty Deadly say unfortunately they’re not. They’re here for the UK Tag Team Titles. Briggs and Jensen say they’ll have a good old-fashioned bar fight but Fallon gets on the bar and yells that they’re not wrecking her bar. They can settle it in the ring next week and Pretty Deadly agree.

Sanga Vs. Duke Hudson

Hudson shoves Sanga but gets shoved right back and falls over. Duke rushes Sanga into the corner and tries to Irish whip him but can’t. Sanga splashes Hudson, hits snake eyes, then connects with a shoulder tackle and Hudson rolls from the ring. Duke pulls Sanga by the beard and punches him, then hits a chopblock.

Sanga starts fighting back and splashes Hudson in the corner, then hits a big sidewalk slam. Sanga adjusts his moutsache, then delivers an elbow drop. Sanga gets him up on his shoulders but Duke slides off and hits a big boots. Hudson hits another boot but Sanga then grabs him by the throat, yells at him, and hits a chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Sanga

Robert Stone, Sofia Cromwell, and Von Wagner are backstage. Stone says Solo Sikoa has no idea what he’s got himself into. Wagner could have been a professional baseball player but he chose football. He had an arm like a cannon and… Wagner tells him to shut up. he says it doesn’t matter if it’s on the field, on the street, or in the ring, he’s going to kick Sikoa’s ass. Solo is then shown getting ready and he says Wagner is a bad man, he knows that, but it’s put-up or shut-up time.

*Commercial Break*

Toxic Attraction is interviewed backstage and Mandy denies they attacked Roxanne Perez earlier today. Dolan says it would be a real shame if she couldn’t compete tonight, or for a while. Jayne says NXT needs fighting Champions, so Perez and Jade should hand the titles back to them. She says Jade and Perez will soon learn that, when you’re a Champion, everything falls into place.

Solo Sikoa comes to the ring for his match. Von Wagner is out next but Sikoa meets him on the ramp and they throw hands. Sikoa sends Wagner into the apron and the ring post, then gets him back in the ring.

Solo Sikoa Vs. Von Wagner W/Robert Stone

The match begins in earnest and they start off with some shoving and lock-up’s to try and gain control. Sikoa eventually connects with a shoulder tackle and a body slam, then a running splash for a two-count. Solo hits a senton and Wagner bails from the ring to regroup with Stone.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Von Wagner has control of Sikoa with a submission. Sikoa fights up with elbows, then ducks a clothesline but gets caught with a big boot. Wagner lands some mounted punches, then chokes Solo on the middle rope with his knee. Wagner whips Sikoa to the corner and lands a splash. Wagner attempts another splash but Solo avoids it, then hits a back suplex.

Sikoa connects with some chops and uppercuts, then shrugs off a kick and lands a Samoan drop. Sikoa knocks Wagner down in the corner and follows-up with a hip attack. Wagner rolls outside and Solo goes after him but gets hit in the gut, then slammed into the announce desk. Sikoa isn’t fazed and the two of them brawl around the ring, then up the ramp until they’re counted out.

Double Count-Out

We see Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams out partying on the streets with some ladies. Hayes brags about beating Grayson Waller, then praises Trick for his victory over Wes Lee. Hayes suggests taking their ladies to the penthouse – a rooftop bar where they dance and drink champagne. Hayes makes Trick join him to look out over the city and he says the two of them are like Kobe and Shaq, they’re the dream-team taking over NXT.

Lash Legend is dribbling a basketball backstage. She says Indi Hartwell thinks she’s athletic but she holds nothing on her. She’s going to bounce Indi’s head like she does a basketball. She walks off and we see Alba Fyre’s baseball bat stop the basketball from rolling.

*Commercial Break*

Chase University is in London for a field trip. Andre Chase, Bodhi Hayward, and Thea Hail are sight-seeing and she continues to annoy Bodhi. Chase lies to Hayward, telling him Chase U has a wing at Buckingham Palace dedicated to them, and he’s going to be knighted. He’s back in the classroom giving a presentation on their trip and gets angry when someone says they’re the 7th best school.

Indi Hartwell Vs. Lash Legend

The match starts with a lock-up and they try to push each other backwards. Legend slams Hartwell down face-first. Hartwell counters Lash and attempts a roll-up but Legend holds the ropes. Hartwell connects with a forearm and Legend tumbles out of the ring. Legend gets back in and hits a cheap shot, then takes control of the match.

Legend lifts Hartwell up into a suplex and drops her onto the top rope, then pulls the ropes to flip Indi back onto the mat. Legend then applies a unique submission and attempts to use the ropes to hurt her head but it just looked ridiculous. Hartwell starts fighting back but Legend trips her face-first onto the middle buckle.

Legend lifts her onto the top rope but then Alba Fyre appears on the platform above the fans holding her basketball. Indi uses the distraction to drop Legend. She then attempts a springboard elbow drop but completely falls on her face. They then go to a very awkward pin and Hartwell wins and quickly leaves.

Winner: Indi Hartwell

After the match Alba Fyre comes down to the ring and gets in behind Legend. She tries to hit her with her bat but Legend runs out of the ring. Fyre goes after and swings for her a few times but Lash gets away.

A few lesser known female stars are backstage talking about who may have attacked Roxanne Perez when Wagner and Sikoa bust into the room and they’re still brawling. Wagner throws Sikoa into the wall, then Solo does the same to him. All the while officials try to separate them.

The D’Angelo Family is backstage for an interview and Mackenzie asks if they attacked Roxanne Perez. Elektra is annoyed at the accusation but Mackenzie says they have a history of attacking people outside the CWC. D’Angelo says he didn’t order any attacks, so it wasn’t his family. He continues that Elektra has been a fantastic addition to the family, but he needs to know where Wilde and Del Toro stand. And they’re going to find out, right now.

*Commercial Break*

Solo Sikoa and Von Wagner are now brawling outside the arena andslamming each other into a garage door. Officials pull them apart and Sofia Cromwell tries to talk Wagner down. Robert Stone gets in Sikoa’s face and yells at him until Solo grabs him and throws him into a dumpster!

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade Vs. Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo W/Joaquin Wilde & Crus Del Toro

The match starts with Enofe and Stacks and they lock-up. They struggle for control and Enofe gets the upper hand and connects with a dropkick before tagging Blade. He kicks him and grabs a wristlock before tagging Enofe back in. Enofe is sent to the corner and attempts to leap over Stacks but eats a kick to the gut.

D’Angelo tags in and starts working over Enofe with big right hands to the gut and hits a double underhook suplex. Stacks tags in and grabs a sleeper hold but eventually Enofe fights free and tags Malik. Blade lands some clotheslines, a dropkick and a clothesline against the ropes. Blade connects with a leg drop and a slam for a two-count.

On the outside, D’Angelo runs Enofe into the steel steps. Stacks tries to take advantage of the distraction with a small package but Blade kicks out. Blade runs at Stacks in the corner but gets threw up and lands face-first on the top buckle. Stacks then tags D’Angelo and he hits the swinging neckbreaker for the win.

Winners: Tony D’Angelo & Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo

After the match Tony tells Wilde and Del Toro to attack Blade and they’re reluctant but eventually give in and stomp a mudhole in him.

Nikkita Lyons is interviewed backstage. She says people keep suggesting she attacked Roxanne earlier today. Yeah, she thinks she would have won the Breakout Tournament if she hadn’t been injured, but she’s not the kind of woman that puts others down to build nherself up. She’ll happly put on her gear and challenge Mandy for the NXT Women’s Championship right now, but not at the expense of Perez.

*Commercial Break*

We see a vignette for new Superstar, Axiom, who wears a mask and says he uses superheroes as his influence. He’ll make his debut, next week. Also next week, Pretty Deadly challenge Brooks & Jensen for The United Kingdom Tag Team Championship.

Toxic Attraction come do the ring and the fans chant “Mandy”. She says it’s been long enough, obviously Roxanne isn’t woman enough to challenge her tonight. What a shock. But she doesn’t blame her, because nobody can beat her. She runs NXT and that’s not about to change.

Cora Jade comes out and says Mandy can shut the Hell up. Her night isn’t over yet. The fans were promised a title match and that’s what they’re going to get. She’ll step up and take the title from her. Rose says this is the funiest thing she’s heard all night. Roxanne Perez then comes down to the ring holding her ribs and Jade tries to talk her out of it but she’s adamant she can do it.

NXT Women’s Championship

(C) Mandy Rose W/Toxic Attraction Vs. Roxanne Perez W/Cora Jade

The match gets underway and Perez rushes Rose and lands a flurry of punches. Rose punches her taped ribs and she collapses. Rose then hits a fallaway slam and Perez cries out. Rose connects with a knee to the ribs and the fans are firmly behind her. Perez tries to fight back but Rose lifts her up and drops her gut-first on the top rope.

Perez tumbles out of the ring to the floor, and Mandy goes out after her. Rose runs her into the apron and Roxanne screams. Perez begs her to stop but Rose instead runs her into it again. Rose gets back in the ring and poses and the fans are beginning to boo. Perez is in agony on the floor as we head to the final commercial break of the night.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find the Champion still in firm control of the challenger. Rose has an abdominal stretch applied but Perez slings her off, only to get caught with a spinebuster. Rose then delivers a knee to the ribs, then applies a bodyscissors. Perez fights free but Mandy scoops her up and runs her into the buckles for some shoulder tackles.

Perez with a roll-up for a two-count, then Mandy with yet another knee to the gut. Rose whips her to the corners and runs but eats a knee. Perez goes to the middle rope and hits a flying crossbody. Both women are down and the fans are really getting behind the challenger. Perez lands some right hands and flying axe handles, then a running European uppercut in the corner.

Roxanne hits a tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep for a near-fall. She looks for Pop Rox but Rose throws her off. Rose runs at her but gets thrown out of the ring. Perez then hits a suicide dive. Jayne runs at Perez but misses and hits the ring post. Dolan runs at her but Perez hits her with some kicks and sends her into the barricade.

Perez grabs Mandy and hits Pop Rox on the floor! Jade comes over and tries to help Perez get Mandy back into the ring. Jacy Jayne gets on the apron and distracts the referee but as Perez gingerly climbs onto the apron, Cora Jade hits her in the back with her tag title belt! Perez looks at her, stunned, but Mandy then connects with the running knee and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Mandy Rose

After the match Toxic Attraction look shocked but happily leave with the NXT Women’s Championship.

Cora Jade gets in the ring and kneels beside Perez. She says she brought Perez to NXT and this is how she repays her. She’s selfish. Jade shoves Perez in the face, then breaks her skateboard over her back! Jade screams “I brought you here! I made you!” and beats Roxanne with the skateboard some more as we go off the air.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe and peace out.

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