Natalya and Liv Morgan created a buzz online after footage from a recent WWE live event went viral. The video showed Natalya taking a pin from the new SmackDown Women’s Champion and then simply getting right back up. Many felt it was disrespectful for Nattie to no-sell the finish in that manner.

Most wrestling fans know that Natalya is widely regarded as a consummate professional inside the ropes. It was surprising to see her simply get up after the match ended. Nattie explained, but quickly deleted it, leading to even further speculation.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the situation. It was noted that there was some undisclosed issue. However, it had nothing to do with any perceived heat between Natalya and Liv Morgan.

“I know Natalya’s getting heat. I think Liv Morgan’s been getting heat over, you know, you guys, whatever. Whatever it was, I don’t know exactly what the situation was. I know there was a situation. I know that it was cleared up immediately that night and it’s over and done with, but it did happen. You know, I guess she was mad, but it had nothing to do with Morgan, or any heat with her and Morgan, which, I would think if you watched the clip, that was the conclusion that you would come to, but it wasn’t that.


So, that was the situation in Sacramento. You know, I had a couple of reports from Sacramento, and nobody really brought it up, so it wasn’t like most of the crowd, you know, reacted to it in any way or thought it was unusual, but I did see the clip and it was a little unusual. She did just get up and leave and, you know, it’s something that you wouldn’t expect.”

We may never know what made Natalya upset that night in Sacramento. It sounds like whatever it was has since been squashed. Unless Nattie is interested in opening up about the incident, it will probably remain a point of speculation, but nothing more.

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Michael Perry

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