Tammy “Sunny” Sytch recently had her attorney walk out on her during her DUI manslaughter case. The WWE Hall of Famer is accused of a drunk driving accident that killed a 75-year-old man. After her previous lawyer decided she was too much of a headache, Sytch asked the court to assign her a public defender.

That was approved, and the process of Tammy’s new attorney reviewing her case has begun. That included revisiting her May not guilty plea. It looks like Sytch is sticking with her guns, as she has now officially filed that plea in writing.

Mike Johnson of PW Insider reported that Tammy Lynn Sytch officially filed her written not guilty plea on July 8. The discovery period of her trial will now begin. Prosecutors intend to call up to 18 witnesses and will now wait to hear who the defense plans to call.

Tammy Sytch is facing possible 30 years behind bars for her actions. She has a long history of DUI and other criminal behavior. The judge will likely throw the book at her after she finally took someone’s life due to her irresponsible decisions.


Tammy Sytch has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for August 11. There is no tentative date for the start of her trial. That will depend on how things go with discovery and the rest of the pretrial process.

Tammy will have a hard time proving her case. At the time of her arrest, her blood alcohol was over 3.5 times the legal limit. Still, she maintains her innocence. Her new public defender will be facing a major uphill battle.

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Michael Perry

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