Marko Stunt participated in the inaugural Double or Nothing AEW event in 2019 and signed a deal shortly afterwards to become All Elite. Although Stunt was portrayed more as a manager than a wrestler, he teamed up with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus as a trio to form the Jurassic Express. Stunt lost prominence once Christian Cage joined the team in 2021, and he eventually left the company. That didn’t stop Cage from mentioning Marko on Dynamite in a very interesting way.

In an attempt to calm down Luchasaurus on the June 22nd episode of AEW Dynamite, Christian Cage, who had turned against Jungle Boy, alluded to Marko Stunt. Cage asked if the dinosaur remembered what happened to Marko to avoid being pummeled. When asked about being mentioned in Dynamite, Marko gave his opinion to NBC Sports’ Steve Fall.

I was not let aware. I was not aware it was going to be said or anything or that my name was going to be thrown out in any context, because it hasn’t been since October. To do it in that context, I thought it was kind of lame. It makes sense, though, in a way. I was part of that group before him and what he’s basically saying is, he came in and got me fired. In a story sense, love it. In real life sense [throws hands up], it is what it is, I guess.  

Marko Stunt was also asked if Christian took his spot in the group. Marko said that he doesn’t think Christian necessarily took his spot because they have completely different roles. Marko was more of a hype guy and Christian was more of a leader.


Marko was then asked if Christian pushed him out because Christian is perceived as a star while Marko’s role was diminished, Marko replied that he doesn’t think that’s where it went, for sure, and where it was headed and where it ended up. Marko stated that although he had his followers, but he wasn’t attracting any new ones, so he didn’t think he would be re-signed.

Since leaving AEW, Marko has returned to GCW, and he has been working on several Independent dates. We’ll have to see what’s next for him and if an AEW return is in the cards. After all, they are still bringing him up on television.

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h/t to Fightful.

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