Cameron Grime is positive that he’s going to walk away holding the NXT title. He’s been bringing up his upcoming match with Bron Breakker for the WWE NXT Championship. While he definitely wants to win it, he has some idea about what might happen to Bron Breakker after the match.

Breakker is the lead face of the NXT 2.0, while Grimes is still reminiscent of the Black and Gold era. The two men will cross paths at the NXT Great American Bash 2022. While the match is a matter of legacy for Breakker, it has a lot more weight for Grimes.

The NXT star spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, and said that Bron Breakker has a lot more paths to explore in case he loses the NXT Championship.

People that have followed my story know that the stakes couldn’t be higher here for me. Unfortunately, Bron doesn’t know any better. He doesn’t see it like that. He’s incredible, but he is also a guy that has backup plans. Bron has options. As soon as he loses that NXT title, they’ll bring him up to Raw or SmackDown. For me, it’s different.


Grimes also expressed that he was disappointed with his NXT North American Champion run. He had made it quite clear that he dedicated the match to his father. The star made huge strides at NXT Stand & Deliver. He added just how much the upcoming match will mean for him.

We talked before about how I dedicated my North American title match at Stand & Deliver for my father. I’m still carrying those dreams. I always told him I’d be a champion in WWE. I was only champ for 65 days. That wasn’t enough. Sadly, Melo just had my number. He deserves to be the North American Champion. That’s when I realized, if I am as good as I think I am, I should challenge for the NXT title. Bron thinks I have nothing to lose, but that’s not true. Even if it’s a match when we’re touring in Cocoa or Largo, I don’t want to lose. This is the main event on USA for the Great American Bash, so I have everything to lose and a lot to gain.

NXT Great American Bash is going to be a huge event in WWE. Both Grimes and Breakker have a lot to prove. Grimes wants his chance at prominence and progress in the company, and he holds his promise to his father to a huge regard. We hope that both the stars get aggregable outcomes from their match.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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