The Undertaker’s contributions to the pro wrestling world cannot be understated. He is highly accomplished and has done so much for the business, that he is without a true equal. He rode a motorcycle to the ring during his American Badass character, a part of his true personality. The Deadman recently told an amusing story of how one of his bikes was totaled.

The Phenom has portrayed numerous personas over the course of his 30-year-long career. This includes his American Badass gimmick, where he would make his way to the ring on a motorcycle. Many fans would love to see a return for this gimmick, but he has since retired from in-ring competition and accepted a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

While speaking in the sneak peek for the new podcast show, Table for 3: Back in Hurt Business, The Undertaker revealed how former WWE star Mideon destroyed The Deadman’s bike right after The Undertaker paid it off.

“So, this bike, I put him on, is the first bike that I bought when I finally got out of debt from getting into wrestling. This bike is going on eBay that day to sell. So he takes off and as soon as he takes off he was almost directly straight off the road and stops. I’m like Woah, let’s get that choke in and everything. So we get it back up on the Asphalt, and he takes off again.


He takes the most perfect backdrop you’ve ever seen over the top of my ape hangers. He lands on the asphalt and bounces right back up to his feet and he goes, I’m okay… And I’m not even looking at him, I’m just looking at my bike and the motor is still running. So I’m looking at all the damage, and finally, I look up at him. And I make eye contact with him and he goes, I’ll go pack my bags.”

The Undertaker has also recorded several episodes of his upcoming podcast. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for The Deadman. He might not wrestle again, but there are plenty of stories to tell.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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