Tony Khan’s AEW has come long way since its inception in 2019. The Jacksonville-based wrestling promotion has massive roster, and it is also diverse. Khan recently opened up about why he made sure that there is diversity in AEW.

Khan recently went on The Ringer Wrestling Show and discussed his thoughts on recruiting black wrestlers. Khan said that maintaining diversity in the company is “very important” to him.

While AEW did not begin with a diverse roster, it now boasts a higher representation of minorities than they did in the past. Tony Khan is overjoyed with this outcome, which he has been anticipating since the company was founded.

I was trying to build a better roster and a more diverse roster, frankly, and the best wrestlers at that time were not available to build a diverse roster. Keith Lee, Swerve Strickland, Athena, Stokely Hathaway, the best manager in wrestling. These were not people that were available to us. So I would have killed to have them and when they we got released, I thought it was crazy. Every one of those people getting out of their contract getting released, being on the street, looking to wrestle work for us. It was crazy to me. And I’m so happy that we’re all here.


I’ve always wanted to build a really diverse roster and through a combination of free agents getting available that I never would have thought would be available to us without their contract expiring, some of them got released. And the other ones that we’ve built up that have been great stars have helped us build a more diverse better roster than we started with.

In the coming future, we are sure to see more diverse talent in AEW. Tony Khan’s commitment to diversity also provides relatable entertainment to all demographics. You can hear an interview featuring TK below.

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