Liv Morgan is doing incredibly well these days. While she has become very popular among her fans, she previously teamed up with Finn Balor and AJ Styles. While the three WWE superstars only now came together, Morgan says that both Balor and Styles wanted her to become bigger name in WWE.

Morgan recently talked to Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post. She shed some light on her latest team up and the formation of the trio. She said that they made her feel really important.

They were amazing honestly. They are such total and complete pros. Being in the ring and seeing how they operate, there are a lot of things I can pick up on from A.J. and from Finn. They made me feel so included and they made me feel so important. They wanted me to stand in the middle, they wanted me to have a spotlight. So I’m really grateful that they were so gracious to me as far as TV time and wanted me to be seen and heard and valued

The diva was asked if they gave her some important advice. She said that they always remain calm before a match, while she is always excited. She also said that they’ve been wrestling for a very long time, and have a skillset she has no idea about.


Their level of comfort. They’re just always ready to go. They’re calm before they wrestle, while I’m like pacing the hall back and forth and I’m like, “guys, guys.” I’m so excited. They think it’s cute, they think it’s funny. Their composure — they compose themselves in a completely different manner than I do. They’ve wrestled way longer than I have. They have a bag of skills that I don’t even know about.

Morgan also talked about how she wants more intergender matches in WWE. Bianca Belair recently called for more intergender matches, saying that the WWE Women’s Division is stacked enough for them.

Liv Morgan is all set to tough it out in the women’s Money In The Bank match in the upcoming Money In The Bank PPV. Morgan’s trio had been force against Judgment Day, which consisted of Edge, Damian Priest, & Rhea Ripley. However, after the R-Rated star was betrayed, Balor took his place.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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