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Tonight’s episode of NXT is truly stacked. The next episode of NXT is The Great American Bash special, and tonight we will see Bron Breakker and Cameron Grimes come face-to-face ahead of their showdown for the NXT Championship. And it might not be a Championship face-off, but Nikkita Lyons returns to NXT tonight and that should mkae a lot of people very happy.

Over in England, Brooks and Jensen won the NXT UK Tag Team Titles, and tonight they will address their big win. Meanwhile Indi Hartwell will face Kiana James, Xyon Quinn faces Sanga, Giovanni Vinci vs. Ikemen Jiro, and Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez take-on Katana Chance & Kayden Carter with the winners getting a shot against Toxic Attraction for the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s stacked NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



We go live to the arena and out come the duo of Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. They’re facing newcomers Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez, with the winners earning a title shot against Toxic Attraction at The Great American Bash next week.

Championship Contenders Match

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance Vs Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade

Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolan, and Jacy Jayne, are watching from the Toxic Lounge. The match starts with Jade and Carter locking-up and exchanging holds. Carter hits an arm-drag and chops Jade in the chest, then hits a springboard arm-drag. Katana tags in and is thrown up by Kayden and lands with a seated senton on Jade

Chance leaps over Jade and poses, then kicks her for a two-count. Cora hits a nice roll-up for a two-count, then connects with some European uppercuts and a front dropkick. Perez tags in and Jade whips her into Katana in the corner. Perez hits an arm-drag and grabs a shoulder-lock. Katana fights up but Perez tags Jade who hits an arm wrench and grabs a front facelock.

Perez tags back in and keeps the pressure on Chance but Katana blocks an Irish whip and makes the tag. Carter kicks Perez from the apron, then delivers some elbows to the neck. Katana tags back in and hits a tope for a two-count. Perez gets Katana up on her shoulders, spins her around and drops her neck-first on the ropes.

Jade tags in and dropkicks Katana, then Perez and Carter come in and we get a four woman stalemate. Perez and Jade toss them both out of the ring, then Roxanne wants to dive out but Carter slides back in and cuts her off. Katana pulls Jade off the apron and shoves her into the steel steps as we head to the break.

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We return to see Katana tag in an hit a double stomp to Perez after a backstabber from Carter. Kayden quickly tags back in and applies a single leg Boston crab for a minute, then tags Katana and she applies the same hold. Perez spins her off and tags Cora, who comes in with clotheslines and a hurricanrana to Carter.

Cora knocks Chance off the apron, then hits a running knee to Kayden against the ropes for a near-fall. Both women get knocked down and Jade makes a tag but Katana is nowhere to be found. Perez runs in but Carter superkicks her, then Katana appears and gets the tag. They look for the neckbreaker/450 but Jade pulls Carter out of the ring, then Perez hits Poprox for the win.

Winners: Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez

Joe Gacy walks into Diamond Mine’s training room. He tells the Creed Brothers that Roderick Strong doesn’t appreciate them, but he would welcome them wholly into the family. Strong appears and tells Gacy nobody wants his Kool-Aid. He says Diamond Mine is the strongest family in NXT and they’ll be happy to prove it tonight. Strong hugs Brutus, Julius, and Ivy Nile, then stares after them and fist bumps Damon Kemp, as though he has something up his sleeve.

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Toxic Attraction is interviewed backstage. Kayne says she was very unimpressed by Perez and Jade tonight. Dolan says it doesn’t matter if the two of them are best friends, they’ve beaten best friends before and next week will be no different. Mandy says Roxanne needs to know better than to use her contract on her title, then Nikkita Lyons walks up. She says she’s back and she’s putting Mandy on notice. Rose says Lyons can roar all she wants but when they step in the ring tonight, Lyons will realise who the real queen of the jungle is.

Giovanni Vinci Vs. Ikemen Jiro

The match gets underway and Jiro does some cartwheels but Vinci grabs a wristlock. Jiro hits Vinci with his jacket a few times, but gets German suplexed. Vinci puts Jiro in the corner and chops his chest hard a few times. Jiro fires back with a kick and looks for a springboard moonsalt but Vinci rolls out of the way. Giovanni hits a springboard tornado DDT and a sit-out Last Ride for the win.

Winner: Giovanni Vinci

We see a clip of Brooks and Kensen winning the NXT UK Tag Team Titles this past week. The duo, along with Fallon Henley, make their way to the ring.

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Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are interviewed backstage. He says nobody can get one over on him, nobody can tell him what to do because every rule has an exception when you’re an exceptional talent. Grayson Waller appears with a basketball and merchandise and asks for a signing for his friends back in Australia. Waller thanks him and Hayes says he’s a trustworthy guy.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen are in the ring alongside Fallon Henley. Brooks Jensen introduces them as the NXT UK Tag Team Champions and the fans chant “you deserve it”. Briggs says they love to fight and they took it to the best the UK had to offer. Jensen says he remembers when they met and Briggs told him he had a lot of potential. He thanks him for picking him and they hug. Briggs says he’s proud of him but there’s one thing left to do and Henley says “drink some beer!”

Pretty Deadly come out and interrupt the party. Kit Wilson says they must be kidding. Elton Prince says those titles once meant something because they were around the waist of the two tastiest snacks in NXT. Prince says the belts are now around the waist of trailer-park trash. He says all they’ve done is lower the bar and prestige, and only they can raise them up again.

Briggs tells them to shut up and says they know the prestige of the belts, a lot of great teams have worn them, but Pretty Deadly aren’t one of them. He says they’re happy to defend the belts in the UK and the US, so how about they get things underway right now? Jensen jabs Elton and Briggs attacks Wilson. Briggs hits an atomic drop to Wilson and Henley slaps him across the face. Prince is sent to the apron and they knock him off where he lands on Kit.

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We’re inside the women’s locker room where Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are bemoaning their loss earlier.

Indi Hartwell Vs. Kiana James

They lock-up and Indi takes the back but James grabs the ropes to sling her off. James takes the wrist but Indi whips her away, then lands two arm drags. James is sent to the apron but she kicks Hartwell back and drops her. James grabs a waistlock and drives her elbows into Hartwell’s back. Indi fights her way out and lands a series of forearms.

James rolls to the apron but Indi lands a European uppercut, then boots her in the face for a two-count. Kiana counters Indi and shoves her into the corner but Indi jumps to the apron. Hartwell knocks her down and looks for a springboard elbow drop but Kiana avoids it. James takse Indi down and pins her with her feet on the ropes for the win!

Winner: Kiana James

We see Tony D’Angelo on a bridge with Stacks and they dump, what is supposed to Two Dimes’s body, over into the water. D’Angelo holds his leather jacket and says he trusted him but he tried to steal his throne. He throws the gold watch he gave him into the river, then Santos Escobar then calls Tony and taunts him. D’Angelo is furious.

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Wes Lee says last week he was in the ring pouring his heart and soul out when Trick Williams came out and mocked him. Trick thinks his emotion is his weakness, but it’s actually his biggest strength and at The Great American Bash he’s going to find his inner peace at the expense of Trick.

Diamond Mine Vs. Joe Gacy & THe Dyad

Gacy starts with Strong and they lock-up and struggle for control. Strong grabs a sleeper but Gacy backs him into the corner and tags one of the druids. Strong beats the druid back and tags Brutus, but the druid shoves him against the ropes and delivers some forearms to the jaw. Brutus fires back with a gutwrench suplex and hits a judo throw.

Julius tags in and throws Brutus onto the druid, then delivers knees to the ribs of him. Brutus tags back in and they both hit knees to the gut a few times. Julius back in and connects with another knee so the druid rolls out and Gacy gives him a pep talk. The druid gets back in the ring and takes Julius down and chokes him.

Gacy tags in and shoulders Julius in the corner, then tags the other druid. Julius countes a body slam with a small package for a near-fall, then gets dropped with a clothesline. Julius lifts the druid into a suplex position while sitting down, then gets to his feet, still holding him. Gacy and the other druid run in but so do Strong and Brutus and we see three suplexes! Gacy and The Dyad get knocked out of the ring.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and a druid distracts Brutus, allowing Gacy to hit a chop block. Gacy lands a DDT for a near-fall, then taunts Strong and Julius. Gacy chops Brutus and tags a druid. Brutus fights out of the corner but the two druids grab him and make him watch as Gacy hangs upside down in the corner and shouts at him. Gacy takes Brutus down and keeps him isolated.

Brutus continues to be held down with submissions and stomps by the two druids. Strong gets knocked off the apron and Brutus fights off both The Dyad and tags Julius. Creed is red hot with belly-to-belly suplexes and a spinning gutwrench suplex to both druids. Julius hits a rolling fireman’s carry and readies for the finish but Roddy tags himself in.

Strong and Julius shove each other until Gacy comes back in and tries to knock Roddy down but Brutus gets in the away. Strong starts fighting with him as well, meanwhile one of the druids comes in and replaces the other while the referee isn’t watching. Strong looks for the Angle Slam but the druid wriggles free, then The Dyad hit a double-team DDT for the win.

Winners: Joe Gacy & The Dyad

After the match the Creed’s berate Roderick Strong for costing them the match.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are interviewed backstage. It’s revealed that Grayson Waller tricked Hayes into signing a contract for a title match earlier tonight. They’re going to face-off for the North American Championship next week at The Great American Bash. Hayes is annoyed at himself for falling for it but says he’s going to teach Hayes a lesson.

Lash Legend interrupts a medical update for Alba Fyre. She says she put Fyre on the shelf permanently. She found out that Legend doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She tells the rest of the division to stay out of her way.

Sanga makes his entrance but as he’s on the ramp, Xyon Quinn attacks him from behind! The two of them fight on the ramp until referees come out and separate them.

*Commercial Break*

Diamond Mine is exploding backstage. Strong says the Creed’s aren’t listening to him. Julius says they listen to him every week and still lose. Strong says it’s clear they aren’t taking things on board, so it’s time he teaches them a lesson for real. Next week him and Damon Kemp will face The Creed Brother’s for the NXT Tag Team Titles.

Xyon Quinn Vs. Sanga

The match finally gets underway and Quinn bails out. anga is distracted with the referee and Quinn rushes in to attack. Xyon delivers some forearms and a boot to the gut. He attempts a shoulder tackle but Sanga blocks it. Sanga sends Quinn out of the ring. Xyon gets back in and chokes Sanga against the middle rope.

Sanga gets angry and catches a kick, spins him around and forearms him in the back. Sanga scoops Quinn up and hits snake eyes in the corner. Sanga does it a second time, then delivers another forearm to the back. Sanga with a body slam but Xyon rolls away from an elbow drop. Quinn hits a shoulder tackle to a kneeling Sanga.

Quinn grabs a sleeper hold and jumps on Sanga’s back. Sanga runs him backwards int the buckles to get free but Xyon dropkcks him in the back. Sanga grabs a modified chicken swing and Quinn tries to get free so he hits him in the back again. Sanga with a body slam, then signals for the end. He grabs Quinn and hits a chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Sanga

*Commercial Break*

We see Wendy Choo in bed, having a nightmare about Tiffany Stratton and the mean things she’s said. Choo then sees herself humiliating Stratton and feels better. She wakes-up, feeling well-rested and walks into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She challenges Stratton to a match at The Great American Bash.

Nikkita Lyons Vs. Mandy Rose W/Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne

They lock-up and Lyons flings Mandy across the ring a few times but they don’t break the lock-up. Rose gets annoyed and takes the back but Lyons powers free and slings her across the ring again and kips-up. Rose is angry and kicks her knee and beats Lyons into the corner. Lyons blocks some punches and shoves her away.

Rose taunts her but Nikkita fires back with a kick that drops Mandy. Lyons shoulders Rose in the corner, then throws her across the ring. Nikkita picks her up and throws her two more times. Lyons laughs as Rose rolls out of the ring to regroup with Gigi and Jacy as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Rose is in control as we return but Nikkita hits a takedown and lands some mounted punches. Rose turns the tables and goes back to targetting the leg. During the break Rose attacked the leg as Nikkita was distracted by Dolan and Jayne, then threw her into the steel steps. Rose batters the knee with punches, then taunts Lyons and shoves her face a few times.

Lyons blocks a punch and gets up while staring daggers at Rose. Lyons knocks her back and lands a series of kicks to the chest, then a flying forearm in the corner. German suplex from Lyons, then she puts Rose on the top rope. Lyons climbs up but Mandy shoves her off and hits a missile dropkick. Lyons avoids the running knee from Mandy, then lands a flurry of kicks. Dolan and Jayne run in and attack.

Winner Via Disqualifcation: Nikkita Lyons

Dolan and Jayne stomp Lyons down, then hold her up so Rose can slap her across the face. Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade run down and knock Jacy and Gigi out of the ring. Lyons tries to stomp Mandy but she rolls out and leaves with her title.

Solo Sikoa is backstage with Apollo Crews, angry about losing last week. Crews tells him to keep his chin up because he is incredible and he will be a Champion. Xyon Quinn walks up and tells Apollo he is the most perfect WWE Superstar because of his looks and his ability. Crews says there’s no doubt that people think Quinn has a bright future… but he doesn’t see it.

*Commercial Break*

Wade Barrett introduces Cameron Grimes, followed by the NXT Champion, Bron Breakker. Wade looks to moderate but Breakker tells him they’ve got things. Breakker says Grimes is different than all the others he’s face. He knows they’re going to leave it all in the ring because Grimes has nothing to lose. Cameron says that’s not true, he has everything to lose.

Grimes says he gets that, for Bron, it’s just another big title defense. But what happens if he loses the title? He’s still Bron Breakker, he goes to Raw or SmackDown. Hell he’ll probably go to SummerSlam. Meanwhile he lost the North American Championship and he decided to put all his chips on the NXT Championship. If he fails at this he has no other options.

Grimes says Breakker must know about last resorts because this wasn’t his first choice, was it? Breakker wanted to be a pro football player but he failed and then called up his daddy to get him a shot in WWE. Breakker says he didn’t expect that from Grimes, he didn’t have to bring his daddy into this. Breakker says he isn’t fooled by Grimes’s cheap suit and fake smile. So next week he really is going to the moon but when he gets there he’s going to get his ass speared.

Grimes says he isn’t like all the rest of the people Bron’s faced, he keeps getting back up. Bron says he hopes that’s true because he wants to keep putting him down. Grimes says Breakker just doesn’t get it, he doesn’t have heart. But that’s to be expected, because his father didn’t have any heart either. That’s why he never won the big one.

Breakker grabs Grimes by the throat and lifts him up. Grimes slides off and Breakker charges at him but nobody’s home and he hits the buckles hard. Grimes then runs Breakker shoulder-first into the turnbuckles and the top buckle snaps off! Breakker is down holding his arm and officials rush down and stop Grimes. Breakker says his shoulder is out and Grimes leaves the ring.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. This Sunday night is the 2022 Money In The Bank PPV and we’ll have live coverage right here on Ringside News. Until next time, stay safe.

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