The Undertaker will always be regarded as legend in the pro wrestling business. His vast knowledge of the industry is incomparable, as he has seen the pro wrestling landscape change over the years. Miro also mocked The Undertaker’s controversial comments recently.

The Undertaker’s controversial comments regarding the current pro wrestlers and the product last year became a huge topic of discussion. He previously said that the WWE Superstars of the current era are not ‘real men’ compared to the wrestlers back in his era.

The Deadman even added that wrestlers from his era were far tougher. Earlier this year, The Undertaker double down on his controversial comments, stating that pro wrestlers nowadays lack grit.

While speaking on his Twitch, Miro talked about his passion for gaming. Miro then proceeded to mock The Undertaker’s old comments that caused so much controversy.


“Everything started very accidentally. After my release from WWE, I had nothing. I had to sit at home for three months and wasn’t able to work anywhere. Thankfully to Xavier Woods and my mentor Shaq, they kind of inspired me to do what I love doing. I love playing video games in my time off. I’ve loved it since I was four years old. Why not do it when I’m chilling at home and connect with my friends and audience?”

“People are trying to talk bad about video games, which I never understood. We all have our downtime. Some people want to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and do heroin and others want to play video games,” Miro said. “Some of these old timers are calling this a bad thing. I don’t think it’s a bad thing just because we have more brains now than people before doesn’t mean video games are bad. Sorry Undertaker, we don’t have guns and drugs and don’t fight each other backstage.”

Miro is set to compete in a fatal four-way match for the All-Atlantic Title at Forbidden Door. We’ll have to wait and see whether he will win the match and become the inaugural champion or not.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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