Vince McMahon recently stepped down as WWE CEO after it was announced that the company was investigating him for paying hush money to an employee he had an affair with. McMahon has defiantly appeared on both Raw and SmackDown to show that he is not backing down in the face of controversy. McMahon is also exhibiting his power backstage, as well.

Bruce Prichard has been named WWE’s new interim head of talent relations. The move came after John Laurinaitis was placed on administrative leave following his connection to the Vince McMahon hush-money scandal.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said Bruce Prichard getting the job is a dead giveaway that Vince McMahon is still calling the shots. Prichard is one of McMahon’s most loyal employees. Meltzer doesn’t believe that Stephanie McMahon is much more than a figurehead.

“Another thing about Bruce being the one in this position pretty much tells me that Stephanie’s a figurehead as opposed to… And it’s Vince making these decisions as far as putting Bruce in that position as opposed to hiring someone or putting someone else in that spot or whatever. That would be a big surprise for, like… Nick Khan? Would that be a surprise? No.”


Many doubted that anything would change once Stephanie McMahon became interim CEO of WWE. Thus far, it appears that is the case. Vince McMahon is running the show and things at his company are running as usual. His television appearances have been meant to project that everything is status quo.

Time will tell if there are any real changes at the top in WWE. For now, Vince McMahon is making it clear that he is still pulling the strings. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much pushback from within.

What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments!

What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments!

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Michael Perry

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