There has been a proliferation of podcasts among retired professional wrestlers recently. Many of them simply share their stories from the road and discuss their opinions. Some, like Booker T and Ric Flair, have specifically targeted younger talent for various reasons.

The most recent controversy came when Booker T said that Adam Cole needs to work on his physique. Many within the wrestling industry said Booker’s comments were equivalent to body shaming. It was pointed out that Booker never said such things about Cole during his run with NXT.

‘Hangman’ Adam Page has heard enough from retired wrestlers trashing his generation on podcasts. The former AEW World Champion has come to their defense. He tweeted his very strong feelings on the matter.

“I just hope that when im old and retired i don’t lower myself to some sh*t ass podcast where i trash the younger generation that’s just chasing the same fortune wrestling has afforded me.”


After Adam Cole left WWE, Booker T said that he would be a great fit for AEW. Since then, he has changed his tune. Booker blamed Adam Cole’s recent injuries on the fact that he doesn’t have enough muscle.

Many have criticized Booker T for his pro-WWE stance on many issues. This is the latest in a long string of such hot takes. Adam Page is sick of hearing it.

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