Paige was the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion and she blazed a trail that many walked on since then. Now it appears that her time with the company has come to an end.

There was some hope that Paige was going to make an in-ring return just before the pandemic. Ringside News reported that there were no plans, but that didn’t stop the hype.

The former Total Divas star, and current Twitch star, logged onto social media today to make an announcement that will be received in different ways by her fan base. She is leaving WWE on July 7th. She also thanked Vince McMahon’s company for the opportunity. Now she is on to her next adventure.

Paige here!


July 7th will be the last day with WWE. I’m so thankful and I appreciate the opportunities that the company has given me. I will always be appreciative of the company that took in an 18 year old British pale emo girl that didn’t look like your average diva, giving me the chance of a lifetime and making me feel like a superstar. I know after my neck injury taking me out of in ring status, it was pretty hard to keep me around for as long as you did and for that I’m thankful too.

Thank you to the WWE Universe. You guys are the most passionate group of fans I’ve ever seen. Hope you continue to stay on this journey with me.
I think the toughest part weirdly enough is having to let the Paige name go! But Saraya is helluva name. Kudos to my mum for that one.

Paige had quite a ride in WWE and the company even made a movie about her life with The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions. Now we will have to see what’s next for her, but she has a dedicated fan base who will undoubtedly stick by Saraya.

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