MJF had lot to say about Tony Khan’s company during Dynamite this week. His microphone was eventually cut off right after he was bleeped calling Tony Khan a “f*cking mark.” His intention was to get fired, and it appears he might have gotten that wish.

AEW has removed MJF from their online shop. They also took his name off their online roster page. This was a big step to take for Tony Khan’s company, but it hasn’t been revealed exactly what the company’s official response is after MJF’s pipe bomb.

The fact is that MJF re-signed a new deal with AEW and was making hundreds of thousands of dollars. That being said, he was actually on an entry-level contract, around $70k to $100k, when he first signed on. Despite his pay raise, he wasn’t making anything close to the money TK was shelling out for ex WWE guys. So, the catalyst for his grievances is legit.

AEW has actively been taking down video of MJF’s pipe bomb speech. They even nixed one of their own posts that simply said he was coming to the ring. The announcers didn’t talk about MJF again after that speech either.


After taking MJF off their roster like this, we have to wonder how far AEW is going to go with this situation if it’s a work, which it totally is at this point.

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