WWE has a roster full of Superstars, each with their own histories. It is possible to return to former gimmicks, especially if a current incarnation isn’t working out. That seems to be the case with Xia Li after her heel turn went nowhere.

Xai Li’s main roster run has been average to say the least. Xia is the first Chinese female to compete in WWE and she prevailed on NXT. Now it seems the 33-year-old is hinting at a return of a former gimmick of hers.

Earlier today, Xai uploaded a video to Twitter, subsequently teasing a return of her Tian Sha gimmick. A gimmick synonymous with Xai’s NXT tenure, but it was nixed as Triple H lost control of NXT. That gimmick saw her rock face paint, and portray a Samui, and fans certainty miss it.

Li officially signed with WWE in 2017, working the Mae Young Classic tournament in 2018. She previously competed in the 2019’s Women’s Royal Rumble Match, being eliminated by Charlotte. Following this, Li debuted on NXT in February 2019.


If WWE management approves of Li’s Tian Sha gimmick, presumably she could receive a monumental push. However, Li’s only been featured on house shows or sporadic television appearances on Smackdown. The 33-year-old is still developing as a wrestler. Furthermore a fresh start could be needed for Li if she wants to flourish on the main roster.

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Johnathan Xavier Pugh

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