MJF had a wild time as a heel in AEW so far. This includes feuds with CM Punk, Darby Allin, Sting, and others. However, after failing to appear at Saturday’s Double or Nothing Fan Fest and afterward losing to Wardlow. The 26-year-old has a lot to think about.

Fightful.com’s Sean Sapp reported that MJF informed him that he would appear prior to his Double or Nothing match with Wardlow. The Cleveland native defeated MJF in a seven-minute squash match. Following the match, MJF reportedly left the T-Mobile arena quite swiftly.

MJF reported that he has a lot to think about and says his AEW future is unknown. It’s also announced that he’ll be absent from TV tapings for the foreseeable future, however, this could be longer than fans might expect.

MJF claimed to us that he showed up shortly before his match, left right after, and has a lot to think about.


I haven’t been able to verify this with other people at the show, or if this was planned/approved/suggested by AEW.

A flight from Las Vegas to Newark was apparently booked for MJF. It’s unsure who booked it, but it was suspected that MJF intended to skip Double or Nothing. This comes after MJF skipped Double or Nothing’s fan fest, leaving fans disappointed. Of course, new evidence exists that this was all a work and MJF was playing Sean Sapp the whole time to push his own narrative.

Wardlow, MJF’s former bodyguard, brutally decimated him. It only took ten Powerbombs to defeat the conceited wrestler. MJF’s future is in undeniable question following this weekend’s event. MJF could abscond from AEW if they proceed to bury him.

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