AEW is doing their thing and generating critics from all over. It turns out that one quote making the rounds about Tony Khan’s company is straight-up cap.

A meme is going around quoting Eric Bischoff. No date or location for this quote was credited, but it was plenty controversial. The quote in question said: “I almost wish I could reboot WCW just to show Tony Khan how it’s don’t. I wouldn’t have a comedy champion, or make fans wait 3 years for a payoff to a story. I could restart WCW tomorrow and get more viewers than AEW. Not an opinion, it’s a fact. Khan isn’t a genius — he’s lucky.”

We did a backward search on this quote already to vet its authenticity and we couldn’t find anything. The best we can tell this meme first appeared on March 3rd, but it did not come from Easy E at all.

Bischoff logged onto Twitter and he dispelled this myth in a big way. He also included those fans who were gullible enough to buy that he said this crap.


If any of you think I made this statement, you should delete your social media accounts asap, and realize that your mind is mud.

Eric Bischoff has a lot to say about pro wrestling, but this quote did not come from him. It’s nice that he was able to squash this “hot take,” because it did not come from him at all.

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H Jenkins

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