MJF will be the hottest free agent in wrestling once his AEW contract expires in 2024. The top heel in Tony Khan’s promotion was recently reported to be very unhappy with his contract situation. The Long Island native is hoping to create a bidding war so that he can maximize the payout on his next deal. In the meantime, MJF has fans to entertain and he knows exactly how to do it.

The Salt of the Earth has solid fan base and no doubt women are crazy about him. Just recently, one fan made a pencil sketch portrait of MJF as a gift. The fan gave MJF a quirky handlebar moustache, but it seems like MJF didn’t appreciate the art.

Twitter user @oddtreebanjo recently revealed MJF’s reaction to her portrait when she presented it to him at a meet and greet. She took to Twitter to show her excitement for the artwork she made: “made a little present for MJF when I meet him tomorrow :)” Unfortunately, things didn’t go as expected.

“how long did this take?”
“maybe five hours”
thanks mjf


After asking how much time it took to draw that portrait, MJF took his autograph pen and scribbled over until it was completely ruined. That fan sure got a unique autograph.

MJF is also genuinely a huge fan of every WWE show. He previously stated that he believes WWE will do everything they can to sign him after his AEW contract expires. We’ll just see what happens in the years to come. You can check out the tweets below.

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