Injuries can happen at any time in the world of professional wrestling. Pro wrestlers put their bodies on the line for the entertainment of fans, and it can backfire in any instance. Shinjiro Otani is one of them and he has some very sad news to share as well.

As previously reported, pro wrestling veteran Shinjiro Otani suffered significant damage at Tokyo Sumo Hall. Due to this, he was unable to move his extremities.

The pro wrestling veteran suffered a cervical spine injury at a ZERO-ONE event in Tokyo, Japan. He also underwent surgery for his injury. ZERO1 announced that Otani is currently paralyzed from the neck down and also revealed Otani’s statement on the matter.

April 10 Shinjiro Otani, who was injured at the main event of the Oshinin PREMIUM Ryogoku Kokugikan ZERO1 20th & 21st Anniversary Tournament and was diagnosed with cervical spinal cord injury, is currently working on treatment and rehabilitation. Before the Shinjiro Otani Aid Tournament to be held at the gymnasium, I would like to announce your comments.


Shinjiro Otani is currently paralyzed from the neck down as previously reported, and this comment was verbally communicated to the nurse and written by himself.

Shinjiro Otani Comment

“To all the hot professional wrestling fans who love professional wrestling, and to all the people involved in the professional wrestling industry.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience and concern caused by my injury.

Also, I am grateful to everyone for their warm feelings.

Now, I am working hard every day for treatment and rehabilitation so that I can return to everyone as soon as possible.

I will definitely return in front of you.

We look forward to your continued support of ZERO1 and professional wrestling.

May 13, 4th year of Reiwa Shinjiro Otani “

ZERO1, NJPW, Pro Wrestling NOAH and more will be conducting a show on June 4 with proceeds, minus miscellaneous expenses, from sales going to Otani. We hope Otani will eventually recover.

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