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We’re one week removed from NXT Spring Breakin’ and tonight’s NXT is set to be one for the ladies. After a few weeks of going back-and-forth, Cora Jade and Natalya will go one-on-one in a battle of the young and old(ish). Alba Fyre, formerly known as Kay Lee Ray, will return to action for the first time since TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez have been a thorn in the side of Toxic Attraction as of late, including stealing their clothes and car keys last week at the beach. So tonight the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, will face Choo and Perez in a title match. And last but not least, the inaugural NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament gets underway tonight.

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

This week’s NXT opens with a look back at last week’s Spring Breakin’ show, where Bron Breakker defeated Joe Gacy but ended-up being swarmed by Gacy’s druids.

Women’s Tag Team Championships

(C) Toxic Attraction Vs. Wendy Choo & Roxanne Perez

Perez makes her entrance but stops on the ramp and points behind Toxic Attraction where Wendy Choo is on the top rope and she takes all three of them out with a crossbody. The match gets underway with Perez and Dolan and Roxanne takes control and keeps Gigi away from her corner. Choo tags in and hits a double team with Perez before tagging right back out.

Jayne blind-tags in as Dolan gets rolled-up and she hits a neckbreaker to Perez. Jayne screams before knocking Perez down, then grabs a submission. Perez hits Choo on the apron, then turns back but Roxanne rolls under a clothesline and makes the tag. Choo with some clotheslines and a series of suplexes to Jayne. Both Dolan and Jayne get sent to the outside and Perez hits both with a flying clothesline off the apron.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Jacey get a near-fall on Choo. Jayne grabs a submission but Wendy fights up and makes a hot tag to Perez. Gigi comes n the other side an Roxanne takes her down with a series of clotheslines. Roxanne lands a tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep for a near-fall. Choo comes in and hits the sleepy elbow drop for a two-count.

Perez gets the tag again and builds a head of steam. Roxanne goes to the top rope but Mandy Rose gets in the ring and helps Dolin to her feet, Choo then comes in and spears Mandy and lands a series of punches. Roxanne goes for a code red on Dolin but Jacey lands a superkick on Wendy for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Toxic Attraction

After the match Mandy, Gigi and Jacy group-up and beat Wendy Choo down before posing with their belts.

We see a video from earlier this week of Tiffany Stratton taking Grayson Waller shopping to make him feel better. She says it isn’t fair what happened him with Chase University last week. Waller says they’re going to have a teachable moment because there’s nothing more dangerous than the Grayson Waller effect.

*Commercial Break*

Roderick Strong is training backstage when The Creed Brothers come in. They aren’t happy about him getting involved last week. They say he didn’t have to and they’re going to get another opportunity and he better stay out of the way. Strong doesn’t see what he did was wrong. He says he’s brought a new member into Diamond Mine, a greco Roman wrestler and a man who will be a game-changer for Diamond Mine: Damon Kemp. Julius and Brutus tell Roddy that new members should be a group decision and walk off angry.

Joe Gacy comes to the ring with two hooded figures. Gacy says he opened his heart to anyone seeking inclusivity, but two stood above the rest. They were committed to the cause. His cause has been received. The fans chant “shut the Hell up”. Gacy says these two men are the faces of change, and they are part of his expansion. And expansion starts one man at a time, so he’s inviting Bron Breakker to join his movement. He assures the result will be eternal joy. Affliction and hardship await those who oppose.

Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward are backstage warming up when Sarray walks in. She speaks in Japanese and the full subtitles are already there before she speaks… despite this being live. She says she can’t stand Grayson Waller or Tiffany Stratton, so how about they have a mixed tag match tonight? Andre doesn’t know Japanese but Bodhi does and he translates. Andre is impressed that Chase U has a foreign language department. He agrees to the match and Sarray says they will win.

*Commercial Break*

Ivy Nile is hosting a challenge to a bunch of trainees. She wants them to do push-ups and if they can’t compete they have to leave. She does over 80 and one guy walks out.

We see the eight women competing in the Women’s Breakout Tournament: Nikkita Lyons, Arianna Grace, Roxanne Perez, Kiana James, Lash Legend, Tatum Paxley, Sloane Jacobs, and Fallon Henley.

NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament

Round 1

Fallon Henley Vs. Sloane Jacobs

The match gets underway and Henley takes a side headlock and gets Sloane down. Jacobs gets free and hits a few roll-ups to no avail. Fallon connects with a dropkick, then grabs another headlock. Henley gets shot off and Sloane looks for a dropkick but Fallon grabs the ropes and avoids it. Fallon jumps over her but Jacobs connects with the dropkick.

Sloane grabs a headlock but out come Briggs and Jensen to root for Henley. Sloane gets a bit distracted and Fallon takes her down. Henley kicks her against the ropes, then slides under the bottom rope and uppercuts her as Briggs and Jensen would do. Fallon grabs a wristlock, Sloane tries to fight up but Fallon sweeps her leg out and reapplies it.

Jacobs hits an arm-drag but then gets caught with an elbow, then both women hit facebusters at the same time. Jacobs goes to the middle rope and hits a hurricanrana, then lands some clotheslines and a neckbreaker. Jacobs lifts Fallon up but Henley slips off and slams her onto her knee. Henley hits a shining wizard for the win.

Winner: Fallon Henley

Legado Del Fantasma are backstage for an interview. Santos says he felt disrespected last week when A.J Galante was brought to their meeting. A swift response was necessary for respect. Tony D’Angelo is going to learn he can’t get involved in Legado’s business and expect to walk away.

*Commercial Break*

Cruz Del Toro goes outside to get Legado’s car but when he turns the lights on Tony D’Angelo is standing in front of the SUV. D’Angelo’s goons drag Cruz out of the car and beat him down in the parking lot. They put him in the trunk of their car

Amari Miller Vs. Alba Fyre

The match gets underway and Alba slams Miller down right away. Fyre attempts a cruifix pin but she kicks out. Miller grabs a side headlock but Fyre rolls her up for a two. We see a split-screen of Ivy Nile still drilling her rookies and now they’re doing burpees. Alba slaps Miller across the chest hard, then hits a springboard arm-drag.

Amari hits a neckbreaker for a two-count. Fyre fights back with a tornado DDT, then hits a superkick for a near-fall. They trade shots and Alba attempts a gory bomb but Miller slips off and rolls her up for a two-count. Miller trips Fyre and hits a clothesline for a two-count. Fyre hits her with the gory bomb, then goes up top and hits a swanton bomb for the win.

Winner: Alba Fyre

We see Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams arrive at the arena and try to enter the back door but Solo Sikoa locks them out!

*Commercial Break*

Cora Jade is backstage for an interview. She says she is nervous to face Natalya, she’s a legend. But Natalya isn’t facing the same kid she took photos with a decade ago, the same girl she text last year, or the same women she slapped last month. She’s ready to step-up to the next level.

Solo Sikoa makes his way to the ring. The fans chant his name and Sikoa says “you damn right”. He says this is supposed to be Carmelo and Trick’s segmenet, but it’s his time now. Solo says they want to talk about the North American Championship but we know what happened last week. He’s going to be watching if Melo gets his shot against Grimes, and he wants the winner. He doesn’t care who wins.

The North American Champion, Cameron Grimes comes out. He says he respects Solo and understands he wants another shot at his title. It’s going to be him and Carmelo Hayes at In Your House, but as soon as he’s done with with him Solo has his word that he’s next in line. Grimes looks for a handshake but Sikoa walks past him. Trick and Hayes rush in behind Grimes and beat him down. Sikoa looks around and watches. Hayes looks to his a Fame-Asser off the top onto Grimes on a chair but Sikoa rushes back in and drops them both. Hayes high-tails it before Sikoa can hit a hip attack in the corner. Sikoa lifts the North American Championship but Grimes snatches it away.

Legado Del Fantasma find the empty SUV outside. Escobar makes a call to Tony D’Angelo and says whoever kidnapped his brother is in big trouble. D’Angelo plays dumb and says his right-hand man went missing too. So maybe the same person took them. Santos says he doubts it because A.J Galante is in rough shape. D’Angelo gets angry and says if he touches Galante again he will kill him. Tony cools down and tells Santos he will allow Cruz out of the trunk if he agrees to meet next week. Escobar agrees and says “fu$k you” before hanging up.

*Commercial Break*

Nathan Frazwer is interviewed backstage. He says he’s cloud nine since beatng Grayson Waller on his NXT debut. Tonight he’s a fan and he loves Chase U. Xyon Quinn walks up and tells Frazer to keep his head down and run it straight. Frazer asks what that means and Quinn gets mad. Wes Lee appears beside Frazer and mocks Quinn, who says he’s already put him in his place. Lee says Quinn can take it up with him.

Grayson Waller & Tiffany Stratton Vs. Andre Chase & Sarray W/Bodhi Hayward

We kick things off with Waller and Chase and they lock-up. Chase grabs a wristlock but Waller turns the tables and flips him. Chase grabs a headlock but gets shot off and he drops Grayson with a shoulder. Waller leapfrogs him but Chase hits a hip toss, then mocks Waller’s dancing. Stratton tags in, which means Sarray is legal.

Stratton gets out of the ring and runs way but Sarray chases her. They get back in and Stratton stomps her but Sarray takes her down and applies a submission. Stratton fights up and Waller runs in, so Chase comes in as well. Chase and Sarray beat Waller and Stratton out of the ring, then pose together as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Chase fighting out of a headlock. Waller drops him with a rolling elbow, then tags Stratton who knocks Sarray off the apron. Waller flips Stratton for a moonsault onto Chase. Waller tags back in and hits an elbow drop off the middle rope. Sarray comes in to breaks the pin. Waller goes back to a headlock but Chase counters with a back suplex and both are down.

Stratton and Sarray get the tags and Sarray runs over Tiffany with clotheslines and dropkicks. Stratton lands a forearm to the jaw but Sarray lands another dropkick. Sarray looks for the hanging dropkick but Waller pulls Sarray out of the ring. Waller gets inside but Chase trips him and holds him so Sarray can hit the dropkick to him!

Waller rolls from the ring, stunned. Stratton returns and body slams Sarray, then hits a spinning Vader Bomb for a near-fall. Bodhi blows a horn and distracts Tiffany, so she dives over the ropes onto him! Stratton gets back inside and Sarray rolls her up while Chase holds Waller so he can’t get back inside.

Winners: Sarray & Andre Chase

Ivy Nile is still training with her rookies. They’re doing lunges outside the arena with Bulgarian bags and more of them have dropped off.

Von Wagner and Robert Stone are backstage and Stone says if you mess with Wagner you end-up on the shelf. It happened to Ikemen Jiro and it happened to Brooks Jensen. Ikemen Jiro then appears and attacks Wagner. They brawl until referees pull them apart.

*Commercial Break*

Toxic Attraction approach Indi Hartwell in the lounge. Mandy says she just wants to check-in and see how Indi is doing after what she’s gone through lately. Hartwell thanks them and says she’s been heartbroken. Mandy laughs and says no man has ever left her. They mock Indi and walk off.

NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament

Round 2

Nikkita Lyons Vs. Arianna Grace

Grace slaps Lyons across the face as the bell rings. Lyons kicks her leg, then applies a backslide fora two-count. Lyons does a gator roll, they separate and Grace ducks a swift kick. Nikkita takes her down but Arianna applies an armbar. Lyons deadlifts her and drops her to break the submission. Grace runs Lyons into the turnbuckle shoulder first.

Grace continues to target the arm and drop a knee on it, then slam it into te mat. Grace applies a wristlock in side control. Lyons fights free and starts throwing Arianna around the ring. Lyons runs her into the buckles, lands a German suplex, then hits a kick to the head. Lyons hits the split leg drop for the win.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons

Nikkita Lyons will face Fallon Henley in Round 2 of the Breakout Tournament. We’ll see more Round 1 matches next week.

Ivy Nile is still doing her challenge, battle ropes and pull-ups with chains, and she’s down to just her and one pretty buff guy. She beats him with ease.

*Commercial Break*

The Viking Raiders are backstage and they say they were beat in NXT for the first time ever last week and it pissed them off. They accept the challenge to face The Creed Brothers again next week. Ragnarok is coming.

Natalya Vs. Cora Jade

The match begins and they lock-up with Natalya taking Jade down with a headscissors. Jade kips-up but Natalya kicks her in the gut. Nattie takes Cora down again but this time she slings Natalya off. Nattie smiles at her. Jade grabs the waist but Natalya elbows her.

They trade pin attempts and Jade gets on top for some mounted punches. Natalya wants an armbar but Jade scrambles away. Jade hits a springboard hurricanranam, then looks for a Sharpshooter but Natalya rolls out of the ring to get away as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We returnt o see Natalya attempting a surfboard stretch but Jade impressively counters out. Natalya shoves her but Jade fires back with a slap in the face! Jade tries to crawl under the legs but Nattie lifts her up, Jade slides off and hits a headscissors. Jade with a knee against the ropes and a tornado DDT for a near-fall.

“This is awesome” chant as Jade goes to the top rope. Natalya cuts her off but Jade lands some right hands and knocks her down. Jade leaps over Natalya and wants sliced bread but Nattie throws her away. Natalya tips her over and wants a Sharpshooter but Cora kicks her off. Natalya hits a discus lariat for a near-fall and she laughs in frustration.

Natalya pummels Cora in the corner and hits a snap suplex into the ropes. Nattie starts targetting the leg, weakening it for the Sharpshooter. Natalya drops an elbow on the leg, then puts Cora in the corner and goes out to snap her leg into the ring post a few times. Cora cries in pain. Nattie goes back to the well but this time Jade yanks her into the ring post.

Nayalya gets back inside and wants a suplex but Jade rolls her up for a two. Nattie slaps her in the face but Jade kicks her in the knee, then hits a step-up enziguiri. Jade uses the ropes to hit a double stomp to the back for a near-fall. Jade hts sliced bread but she took a minute to make the pin and Natalya kicked out. Jade hits a roll-up for two, then Natalya does the same.

Jade applies the Sharpshooter but he knee buckles. Jade uses the ropes to get to her feet but Natalya runs at her. Jade kicks Natalya back and climbs the ropes but Natalya yanks her off and she lands on the mat. Natalya applies the Sharpshooter and Jade crawls towards the ropes but Nattie drags her back. Jade starts crawling again but again gets dragged back. Natalya sits lower and cinches it in harder and Jade passes out!

Winner: Natalya

After the match Natalya watches the replay and realises Jade didn’t tap but passed out. She extends a hand and helps Jade to her feet and they hug as the show comes to a close.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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