Impact Wrestling’s W. Morrissey, formerly known as Big Cass, had a ruckus few years since his 2018 WWE termination. Morrissey’s struggled with alcoholism and innermost demons causing dysfunctional cycles.

On the latest episode of “The Sessions with Renee Paquette,” Morrissey spoke vehemently about his alcoholism issues and how DDP helped him recover. This is a journey that he is more than open to speak on as his AEW debut seemingly draws closer.

The Impact star talked about how in 2017, his addiction to alcohol “became a real problem”. For him, it was quite easy to conceal. He got injured, came back, and continued to heavily drink, thus making him mentally unwell.

“Like in 2017, the drinking was really out of hand. It was easy to hide, because alcoholics are very good at hiding their alcoholism. So I was hiding it from a lot of people. I got injured and when I came back, I was just in a bad place mentally, and not to blame it on taking medications that I definitely shouldn’t be drinking with, but I guess I just kept drinking and kept f*cking up,” he stated.


W. Morrissey claims that his peers finally catch on to his bad drinking habits. His attempts to conceal the situation were futile, and he continued to drink regardless.

“The drinking, yeah, it got completely out of hand to the point where everybody was noticing. There was no hiding it anymore. Everybody knew. It’s sad to say looking back, but at the time, I knew everybody knew and I still didn’t give a f*ck. I was like, I didn’t care. I don’t know what switch flipped in my head, but I really gave up spiritually. At that point, I was done.”

He suffered a seizure in Philadelphia back in 2018, and it was there when DDP contacted him. The two met up in May 2019 in Atlanta to talk, hang out, and see if DDP could help Morrissey. Morrissey claims DDP help him tremendously at the time and during his rehab stint.

“After I had that first seizure in Philadelphia back in 2018, he got in touch with me. He said, ‘You know if you’re ever ready to come down here and visit Atlanta, I’d really like to help you.’ I guess in May of 2019 is when I went down to Atlanta to link up with him just hanging out, working out, and talking.

We developed a relationship and a bond. He’s helped me tremendously. He was very instrumental in getting me through rehab the first time.”

W Morrissey made his Impact Wrestling debut at the Rebellion pay-per-view event. He appears to be here to stay, dominating the Impact roster with his enormous size and muscle. Morrissey has been rejuvenated by DDP; he has rocked off the cobwebs and will be the best version of himself.

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