Becky Lynch recently got to realize one of her dreams when she wrestled Lita at the Elimination Chamber premium live event. Despite a heel turn, Big Time Becks remains one of WWE’s top draws in the women’s division. Becky has worked with virtually everyone on the current roster, but she has another legend in her sights.

During a recent WWE live event in Canada, Lynch and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus had an exchange of words. Becky said she would love to take on Trish. That is, of course, if Trish is willing to do it.

Becky Lynch spoke with Featured Cut of the Day where she elaborated on her desire to wrestle Trish Stratus. Becky said if Stratus is ready, she is too. Lynch warned that Trish would meet the same fate as her friend, Lita.

“If Trish Stratus wants to go, I am ready to go. But I think she should know that I destroyed her bestie. Her bestie, who I loved, who was my hero, who was my idol. I wasn’t a Trish Stratus fan, so just imagine what I will do to her.”


Trish Stratus has done some spot appearances for WWE since retiring from wrestling full time. Her most recent bout was at SummerSlam in2019 when she was defeated by Charlotte Flair. It wouldn’t be out of the question to see her do another run if she felt up to it.

Becky is currently dealing with the recently-returned Asuka. Asuka interrupted Lynch on Monday Night Raw to set up a feud between the two superstars. When that’s settled, Lynch would love to square up with another one of her idols.

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