AEW’s House of Black stable is an ongoing success. The stable currently consist of Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews. But lately, Brody King seems dissatisfied by Matthews poor understanding of the stable’s aesthetic.

Brody King recently addressed his criticism doing AEW’s Unrestricted podcast. Brody opined that Malakai Black’s long-term goals for the stable are reasonable and he wants to prevail. Moreover, Brody believes Matthew riff from ideas.

“I think Malakai has a very specific vision in mind for the House Of Black,” he said. “But, you know, if it fits very much into what my aesthetic and beliefs and everything else are.

When it comes to, usually he will have an idea. And then he will bring it up to Buddy and I. Then we just kind of riff off of that. I think it’s funny because I think this is very different for Buddy.


Going on, Brody explains Matthew is indifferent to what the stable represents. Since House of Black is predominantly a dark, spook and a religious stable, he suggests Matthew’s character is the opposite.

“Like he’s not used to the darker end of things, or like the religious queues that we have in our stuff. The tattoos obviously. So, kind of teaching him, he will come to us and be like, ‘what do you think about this?’

And we will be like, ‘well, that’s a bit more Slipknot, we are kind of going a bit more death metal or black metal.’ So, it’s like, we are able to teach him along the way of what we are going for, and what the roots of everything are coming from.”

Buddy Matthews is the third member to join the stable, making them a trio. His aesthetic contrast from the House of Black in significant ways. He’s lacking the tattoos, dialogue, and character that the stable is notable for. A witchcraft character could suit him, but only time will tell.

“Right before Buddy debuted, Malakai sent like pages and pages of like what references he gets for the House Of Black. It’s all like Pagan religions and creepy witchcraft stuff. And all of this stuff that you can pull from,” Brody King said. “I guarantee Buddy is like, ‘what the hell have I gotten myself into.’

The House of Black is just getting started as a trio. A stable like this hanging around AEW might also give Tony Khan all the more reason to introduce those trios titles fans have heard about for years.

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