Austin Aries is a very opinionated human and he used to spread his message through Twitter. Aries was popular topic on Twitter, where people chastised him for a variety of reasons. CYN was also chastised for collaborating with the former WWE/ROH/TNA superstar. It seems like he still has some people on his side.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, EC3 talked about why Austin Aries was brought into the Control Your Narrative promotion. They also talked about how fan paid $100 on The Rant Room to tell Austin Aries how much he respects him.

The Rant Room started off as a therapy room with a camera, similar to a confessional from a reality show. People would enter the room and simply yell and vent. People could choose three minutes in The Rant Room, pay $100, and say something to a wrestler of their choice and they can’t do anything about it.

We were in Orlando and someone asked me if The Rant Room was real? I said it was and they asked to talk to Austin Aries. I said, ‘Sh*t, OK, I don’t know if he’s here yet.’ The one problem is that The Rant Room was initially just meant for me, and bringing other people into my insanity was not the best choice, but those that support it were behind it.


So Austin agrees, we find the guy, and I bring them into the room. For those three minutes, all the fan did was talk about how good of a wrestler Austin Aries was and how much he respects him. After a while, the fan said, ‘I wish you would just stop tweeting your opinions so much.’ Austin asked why and the fan had no justification. I’m like, I think this is good. What I learned is that face to face, different opinions can find common ground and peace, and maybe that is what The Rant Room is for.

Aries has been presently working for various indie promotions along with NWA. He has been booked to face Homicide, Darius Lockhart, and Colby Corino for the currently vacant NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title at Night Two of the Crockett Cup 2022 scheduled on March 20 in Nashville.

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