Update: Ryback replied to the heat he got over this, but he decided to double down on his comments instead. Now his name is trending as fans continue to drag him.

Orginal: The wrestling community is busy paying tribute to Triple H’s career after he announced his retirement from pro-wrestling. Meanwhile, Ryback is receiving backlash from fans after what he tweeted in the wake of recent news.

Ryback has been vocal about his displeasure with WWE management in the past. Among the people backstage, he has named Triple H. Ryback and The Game famously had issues with each other. While the wrestling world is in the midst of celebrating Triple H’s iconic career, Ryback took to Twitter to say he is disappointed with Hunter.

You ended up being the biggest disappointment for me personally from loving you growing up, but I wish you well in retirement and future good health. #HHH#TripleH#Ryback#Retirement@TripleH


Bringing the personal issues out today when Triple H just talked about how close he came to death due to heart issues really rubbed everyone the wrong way. One Twitter user wrote in response to Ryback’s tweet, “What an incredibly insensitive thing to tweet. There’s such a thing as taking the high road and not making every unfortunate situation about yourself. Can only hope one day you learn how to do that.”

There were a lot of other tweets just like that. Obviously, Ryback was a bit tone deaf, but he is also getting some sweet social media engagement from that controversial post, so his mission might have been accomplished.

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Bhupen Dange

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