Cody Rhodes was significant to AEW’s early development and there is no denying that fact. He helped shape the company during its initial stages and put over numerous young talent. Then he left the company and is heading back to WWE. It seems Cody won’t be appearing on weekly WWE shows until WrestleMania.

Rhodes’ signing with WWE was reported last week, but he may not appear on Monday Night Raw or any of the weekly TV shows leading up to WrestleMania.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that he was under the notion that they would do the same thing that they did with The Hardy Boyz returned at WrestleMania a few years ago.

Every impression I have is that he’s doing the Hardys thing where you show up on the day of the show. I mean he could show up tomorrow. We got two Raw’s left. Like The Hardys when they showed up on the day of the show at WrestleMania. I know that that’s been talked about.


Everyone knows Cody is on his way back, but they’re hoping for a big bang. The plan for WrestleMania is for Rhodes to face Seth Rollins, with the premise being that Seth Rollins does not have a match for the show. WWE could do what they did with John Cena a few years ago and simply invite Rollins to the show and demand a match. Cody Rhodes shows up in this scene.

WWE talent are also extremely excited for Cody Rhodes’ return after almost 6 years. There are also doubts over Cody Rhodes finding success in WWE. It remains to be seen whether Rhodes will actually end up becoming a main event level star this time around or not.

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