Sonya Deville has found a great niche as a heel authority figure in WWE. A slow burn towards her return to the ring has kept Deville relevant as she embraced her new role. Many have compared Sonya’s current work to Vince McMahon’s run as the evil boss during the Attitude Era.

Deville recently spoke to Ryan Satin on Out of Character. Sonya discussed her current role with the company. If she was going to play an authority figure, Sonya Deville figured she may as well go to the master for the best advice.

“He reminds me to smile a lot, ironically, because I think he loves the demeaning attitude of when someone in my role does something more passive-aggressively and then smiles. I think he thinks that that’s so much more powerful than just being like, you’re not allowed in this match and better.

So that’s like a piece of advice he gave me when I kind of first started the role that I’ve taken throughout and it’s really helped. If you look back at his stuff, he’s just genius that when he just gives that grin and he’s doing his walk, it’s just so hateable. So he kind of gave that to me.”


Sonya Deville went on to talk about how she has taken cues from another McMahon for her character. Stephanie was a big influence on what Sonya is doing on television. There couldn’t be a more perfect family to emulate for an underhanded authority figure in WWE.

The passive-aggressive smile has Vince McMahon’s fingerprints all over it. It remains an effective way to get heat to this day. Sonya Deville is doing her best to take little bit from all the great WWE authority characters of the past and make it her own.

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