John Cena is a 16-time World Champion and carried the company on his back throughout the PG era. Since 2017, John Cena became part-timer in WWE and has appeared sporadically due to his busy schedule in Hollywood.

When Cena started his career in WWE back in 2002, his character was viewed as a very uninspiring babyface with no personality. It wasn’t until he introduced his Dr. Of Thuganomics gimmick that Cena became a star in the company.

One of Cena’s earliest feuds was with Chris Jericho, which saw Cena defeat Jericho at Vengeance 2002. While speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Chris Jericho revealed that Vince McMahon was confused when Jericho said he wanted to put over Cena, who was meaningless according to McMahon back then.

“I called Vince [McMahon] one night when [John] Cena was first starting our first Pay-Per-View and I said, ‘Vince, you have to let me put this guy over’. He said, ‘Why? He doesn’t mean anything.’ I said, ‘He could mean something, but if you just put him on this big Pay-Per-View and I win, then what’s the point?’ because he had just done the big match with you, Kurt [Angle], and it was great, and you beat him as you should have. But if we keep fu***** beating him, it doesn’t matter.”


John Cena would gain momentum, especially after defeating JBL at WrestleMania 21 for the WWE Championship. It signalled the start of the Cena era and lasted for well over 10 years.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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