Sports Entertainment has a fantastic fanbase but unfortunately, being so diverse; it doesn’t always comprise good-hearted people. Matt Jackson recently took shots at the bad parts of the wrestling fanbase, speaking from his unpleasant experience.

Back in August last year, Matt had his $6k Nike sneakers get stolen from him, and he was pretty upset about it as they were gift from his wife. Matt recently interviewed with Mellisa Joan Hart of What Women Binge, where he spoke about pro wrestling fans.

“The other week, my brother’s bag disappeared,” Matt explained. “Entire bag, gone. He’s still — he’ll never get it back, like, the whole bag is gone and the number is erased so we think someone’s onto us now at the airports. Like, I think we did a little too much bragging online about, ‘Look, we have all these great expensive shoes‘. I think they found us.”

Matt has had positive experiences with the fans, but he took time to shed light on the negative aspect of the fanbase and pointed out “hardcore fans” are even worse.


“Wrestling has the most toxic fanbase in the world. They’re the worst. Honestly, like, there’s a lot of good fans. The ones that love you, love you. But the ones that hate you, they hate you.”

Matt is still seemingly agitated over stolen shoes; he has worn them on AEW television before. While he does acknowledge the healthy part of the wrestling fanbase, he wanted to bring attention to the negative part for awareness.

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Bhupen Dange

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