The life of a professional wrestler is not without its fair share of drawbacks. This includes crazy fans who jump the barricades and either try to interact with the wrestlers or attack them. It turned out that Rollins’ attacker was still upset over getting catfished years ago.

Last year on an episode of Monday Night RAW, a fan attacked Seth Rollins and caused a huge stir. Seth Rollins was utterly blindsided, which is why he couldn’t react to the situation as quickly as he’d have wanted to.

Seth Rollins, later on, admitted that he found the whole experience terrifying. He added that he was okay. While speaking to  Rich Ucchino for the Bleav Podcast Network, Jimmy Wang Yang revealed that he would have spidermonkeyed the fan who attacked Seth Rollins.

“It was crazy and really, like, that’s where my wrestling instincts (kicked in). I was the next match, I was the producer for the next match we were watching Seth’s match and all that stuff. So I’m about to be up on the headset, so I’m sitting there and Billy Kidman is in Briscoe’s spot in the Gorilla Position. So basically he sees it all, he sees everything. He has all the monitors, sees everything, and all I heard was ‘Seth got attacked.’ And I see Billy take off and just wrestler instinct is like, ‘okay, let’s go take, zoom.’ We got each other’s back. I heard ‘Seth got attacked.’ Zoom, Billy goes. Zoom, I go. We just go in there too, just make sure Seth’s okay. So, you know, my mindset running out there. Luckily, Billy and Adam Pearce got there before me because it would’ve been, I would’ve spidermonkeyed that dude.”


Spencer also apologized for his actions and Eric Bischoff stated that it was not good look for Seth Rollins. Regardless, we hope such an incident never happens to a WWE Superstar ever again.

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